Apple CEO Cook: I’m traveling with only my iPad Pro and my iPhone

“Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been in London to visit app developer Touchpress. At the developer’s Marylebone headquarters he spoke exclusively to the Independent,” David Phelan reports for the Independent. “The new product is the iPad Pro, a big-screened tablet which goes on sale this week. ‘The thing that’s interesting about this is that the hardware, combined with the software, especially with features such as split view multitasking, means that this iPad now appeals to virtually everybody. You can marry it with a keyboard cover that turns it into a laptop replacement, say. But it’s also an incredible entertainment device with a first-class audio experience along with the immersive Retina display. And now you have the Pencil, so that it can replace the sketch pad.'”

“Along with the Pencil, there’s a keyboard cover. Cook says it’s different from rival keyboards because with none of those would you say it ‘came from the same parent’ as the tablet itself,” Phelan reports. “‘Now all of a sudden you have a keyboard that has been perfectly designed for the iPad, it’s integrated and then you’ve got the software with split view and it’s inherently very productive. I’m travelling with the iPad Pro and other than the iPhone it’s the only product I’ve got.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If we can, we’ll do it, too, for most road trips. We can’t wait to test the iPad Pros!


      1. A 21 inch iMac travels fairly well – not that heavy. However totally useless on a plane – unless one lugs around a gas powered generator.

        Traveling with hardware or Traveling with mobile device.

    1. Here’s what will eventually happen in terms of people settling on this. iCal me:

      1. iPad Pro is unweildly. Too big handle for long periods of time. For anyone who doesn’t need to do productivity, get the iPad Mini or the iPad 9.7.
      2. iPad Pro is not lappable. The keyboard and built in keyboard stand only really work when on a flat table surface. The keyboard and stand are also fixed so using it is a pain: there’s no adjustment to screen angle. And the keyboard doesn’t come out far enough from the device.
      3. iPad Pro isn’t a “pro” device. It runs a blown up iOS, and the only real thing that’s changed is split screen view. But even at that… any professional in graphics will find this device a pain to use because it doesn’t run full desktop Apps. It runs limited, pared down, paltry mobile applications. Can’t even edit raw photos on it!

      The Surface Pro 4 will have Apple beat in this category handily. The iPad Pro will drive more sales to the Surface Pro 4 because people will realize that it’s better and then jump over to it.

      A small rush of people will buy the iPad Pro but then, after the first quarter or two, sales will be sluggish.

      Tim Cook will then say, “iPad Pro is just getting started” when asked about sales numbers.

      Another bozo Tim Cook product.

      1. I agree.
        iPad Pro is something horrible to move towards for Apple.
        The personal computer is not dead, Tim and he has no true insight towards what shall come. Fame is gone to his head; he wants to appear a visionary.

      1. Oh the Apple Data farm is done… no electricity… people are walking the streets without any idea where they are, iCloud is down – their tunes aren’t playing – anger comes about – can’t see or share their pics. Many Millions of dead devices dumped down to mere flash lights.
        Meanwhile, in my home my trusty old iMac is running just fine. I am a happy camper to have learnt to be different. Thx Steve.

    1. C’mon, TM, y’ol luddite, give the  Watch a try. You might just appreciate its great utility. If not, I’ll refund your money!

      (OK – I lied about that last part 😉. But you still might like it!)

    2. EXCELLENT catch. It was only a few months ago when he said – as I happen to feel to this day – he couldn’t imagine leaving his watch behind. Interesting indeed. We have to wonder now if he says what needs to be said to sell today’s product and what parts are true. Or maybe he, like me, is so integrated with the watch that we forget to count it as a device.

  1. I love the iPad Pro for certain things; but unless it has some feature I’m not aware of, no tablet is a good writing tool because editing text on a touch screen is such a slow and clumsy process—with or without a keyboard.

    1. Not necessarily. The keyboard on the iPhone 6S basically becomes a trackpad with force touch. I’ve been amazed at how painful it was on previous models now that I have this technique. I can quite effortlessly and painlessly edit text on my phone and it’s just as fun writing on it as it is on any of my Macs. If the iPad pro has this – and I seriously suspect it does – text editing is a breeze albeit painful for the other reasons listed above.

    2. I have written numerous lengthy and complex reports on my old iPad, with great satisfaction.

      I look forward to doing the same on the iPad Pro, and I am looking forward to using the “MyScript Stylus-Handwriting Keyboard” in conjunction with Apple Pencil to write and edit text, once they get around to updating MyScript to work properly with iOS9.

  2. Who cares what Tim is doing? He sure as hell doesn’t care what we are doing as we suffer with AAPL shares selling for less than a third of their true value. If he did care, he would take his fortune and travel a lot more as the former CEO of the once great company.

  3. Tim can afford to travel with an iPad Pro because he doesn’t DO anything with it other than check email. If he used iCal he would throw the darn thing, and it’s programmer, into the street.

    I’m willing to bet he no longer uses his Apple Watch also. He must receive a tremendous amount of Messages during the day and his watch would be going ding ding ding constantly. Until Apple adds a feature to filter Messages by your Favorite list it just doesn’t work for the busy professional.

  4. HEY TIM… I am traveling only with my iPhone6s.
    if you make the Phone even bigger or OR O R — TIM if you just finally add true hardware telephone capabilities to an iPad Pro — imagine you will only need to travel with ONE BLOODY DEVICE! wow what a concept – eh?

    1. Tim did you leave the pen behind?
      Forget your watch?
      How about the Apple TV don’t you want to stream on the plane?
      Omg, Time the Apple Mac Pro is such a powerful portable black can – why didn’t you take it?
      You might want to play a few games too Tim, I heard the iPod Touch got a fabulous upgrade too – don’t you want to put that in your brief case?
      Oh and heck why not a pocket mp3 player too.
      Ahhhhhhh the people aint so stupid Tim, they are finally realizing they don’t need all these devices. One is only needed. And the iPhone 6s comes close… but its still not big enough. And Tim soon will realize the iPad Pro is far to large to port around. Hmmmmmmm And damn Steve was right a tablet with a pen is silly for travelling; you always misplace it. Hey what time is it Tim… oh the complexity of deciding what device to check. Sorry Tim, Apple best stop sucking the life out of a damn great idea — iPhone was the way to go. And this little experiment of convergence is taking too long. Either add telephone capabilities to the iPad line or Make the freaking phone bigger so real work can be done.

  5. The day will come when Apple offers one device in three different sizes.

    The iPhone — Big, Medium or Small.
    If you don’t need cellular capability then the three sizes are available in WIFI only – kind of like the old iPad series.

    The phone also acts as your Apple TV, fed by air play to your 4K television, searching your personal cloud for content with Siri… blah blah blah.

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