Indomitable Mac: Apple notebook sales surge, top industry

“Notebook sales were ahead of forecast in the third quarter, rising 11% from the second quarter to 43.2 million,” Douglas A. McIntyre writes for Wall Street 24/7. “While Apple Inc.’s market share put it in third place, its share growth outpaced all of its competition.”

McIntyre writes, “Apple’s growth rate was 19.8%, which took its market share to 11.8%. According to TrendForce: ‘Apple saw high shipment growth for MacBooks in the third quarter due to strong demand from North America, which is the vendor’s main market. The new 12-inch MacBook Air that was launched in the second quarter was well received by consumers and also added a new market segment for this product line. Furthermore, there was a surge in shipments of updated MacBook models in the third quarter. These factors resulted in a huge quarterly rise of 19.8% in the overall shipments during this period.’

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MacDailyNews Take: For our mobile solution, it’ll come down to next-gen MacBook vs. the iPad Pro. We can’t wait to see which one wins its place in our backpacks*!

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  1. C’mon Apple Macs are great, go advertise them!
    No serious Mac ad campaign for years since Mac PC guy.
    More sales = more developers = more software.
    More sales spread out R&D and other costs = more profit or cheaper machines.
    More macs lessen’s big investors worry of ‘one product iPhone company’ = good for stock.
    Jobs had one new Mac ad every month for 4 years during the mac/PC guy campaign (66 different ads).
    You make them, sell them hard! It’s time to reduce the pain in the world by finally putting the lid on Windows…

    1. But why? Apparently, Macs sell themselves. Apple has always been very frugal with their advertising spending. Mac sales are growing at a very healthy pace, they sell each they make. Today the main focus of the advertising is not to push product that is already gaining share (Mac), but to fend off competitor that would otherwise erode your profit (Android / Samsung). So, even though (and perhaps precisely because) iPhone is the biggest profit generator for Apple, they must focus on campaigns that will solidify the mind share for their mobile platform(s).

      1. They could mention (or unobtrusively show in the background) Macs, in their iPhone/iPad adverts.
        I know, in the early iOS days, Apple shunned the association with Macs, because they were also targeting PC owners.

      2. “But why?”

        Macs are selling well, now But I’m saying they could sell MORE.

        I ‘ve given you several reasons. Like
        “More sales = more developers…. etc”

        Many productivity software is Windows only, some like Project Management Apps I’ve been looking at even if they have Mac are version 6 mac and Version 8 or something Windows. Not to mention missing GAMES ….
        (Look guys before you flame me I’m all Mac and have been for years but what I’ve stated about missing software is just TRUE and that’ s because of perceived ‘SMALL USER BASE’. Sell MORE = more developers ).

        Sell MORE like I said is good for the stock as well , if Macs become a bigger chunk of the revenues.

        ” iPhone is the biggest profit generator for Apple, they must focus on campaigns”
        Do you think if a car company (say Toyota or Ford or something) which sells more cars decides not to advertise trucks (or vice versa) ?

        Also you make it sound as if a) advertising is just an EXPENSE and not a PROFIT MULTIPLIER which it is if it is properly done. Note apple is running practically ZERO mac ads (the anemic Macbook ‘stickies’ ads etc that ran for a few weeks doesn’t really count) so they are not hemorrhaging money on it now (b) Also Apple is not SHORT OF MONEY. Apple spends about 1 billion in advertising a year on everything, Samsung spends well over 10 billion , TC also spent near 200 billion in stock buybacks and dividends . (as an aapl investor I think a few bucks on mac advertising say a FRACTION of ONE billion from 150b on buybacks would be better for the stock )
        I don’t even see print or Web Ads which are very cheap. When I look at Apple fan sites i see Acer, Dell ads…

        You think it was a good idea to practically run no ads when Win 8 was floundering?
        Mac have LOWER market share than iPhones so they have room to grow.

        They had millions to do the bizarre FREE BONO ALBUM into your device thing (that some say cost tens of millions) but not advertise macs?

        When I go to Best Buy I watch the sales people try to sell Macs, i wince when people ask them what’s the difference between OSX and Windows. they tell them “it’s the same but you get more Software with Windows”, i.e they can’t or won’t (as they sell PCs) list OS X advantages like less Malware etc.
        Apple needs to PRE EDUCATE customers with ads or other types of marketing if they don’t want to waste their hundreds of millions on Mac R&D and other costs.

        another example: I went to Walmart two years ago to get cables for my brand new Macbook Pro. The sales guy there standing next to Thunderbolt Macs had no clue what Thunderbolt was, they did not carry the cables or Mini D so no way a customer could connect a Macbook they sold to an external monitor. They couldn’t tell the DIFFERENCE between the new iMacs and the old ones (didn’t even REALIZE the iMacs they had on display were NEW !! ) Today they have no clue about advantages of force touch track pads etc. Again Apple needs to PRE EDUCATE customers and do a better job training Apple re sellers (another job of the marketing dept).

        (Jobs was the marketing genius at Apple. today there are clues to marketing weaknesses we can see, besides Macs note also the Confused Apple watch April 24 launch, the putting of the Apple Music instructional videos (Guided Tours) at the END of the initial trial period, the bizarre Free Bono Album (that supposedly cost tens of millions), the strange Apple Music WWDC launch etc…. All Marketing and PR problems. )

    2. I agree. Though, unfortunately, as the Mac has grown more popular, more malware has been created. But I suppose it would be much better to have more software available than to have a couple less malicious programs floating around the Internet. Fortunately, Malwarebytes is pretty good as well as being quick, and ClamXav works when Malwarebytes fails.

      I’m not sure why, but I’ve noticed that there are usually 7 malicious programs in my Mail folder. Has anyone else noticed this?

      1. If I’m not mistaken, ClamXav may be picking up PC malware in those as well. Also, there are a lot of false positives from what I’ve seen.

        Even if Mac malware exploded 10,000%, it would be a drop in the ocean of malware for Pieces of Crap

  2. I would love to see an Apple commercial that shows the use of their entire product line in a home-business situation. Woman in USA talking on her iPhone while sitting in front of iMac having a FaceTime presentation chat with an associate (husband?) in China when her Watch signals her that is it time to pickup son at school. She downloads preso to her iPad to take with her in car, uses CarPlay to get phone number and directions to nearest McDonald’s and order burgers, fries and salad for her and son to have on way to his soccer practice. As he joins in on the fun, she records the action, then returns to review the preso that she previously airdropped to the iPad. She marksup some changes, then fires off the corrections to her associate in China, then gets a message on her Watch from husband that the changes have been received and approved followed by a bouquet emoji. She returns a ‘love’ emoji on from her Watch before returning to record her son at play, a big smile of satisfaction on her face.

  3. Oh yes! Don’t forget to have the Airport bas station beside the iMac, a television in the background showing the home screen of AppleTV and possibly a few other Apple items featured prominently through out the 30 second commercial, like using ApplePay at the drive-thru window.

  4. Strangely enough, the more MacBooks, Airs & Pros Apple sells the better it is for Microsoft. Since Windows is no longer Microsoft’s cash cow, it is Office sales Microsoft needs and Apple enterprise buyers are much more likely to buy Office than use the Apple or Google derivative products. To some extent Microsoft’s future is linked to Apple.

    1. thorntondw,

      You’re mistaken. It’s obviously not “better” for M$ if Apple sells more MacBooks because the alternative is that they would have bought a Windows PC. From a user that buys a Windows machine, M$ receives BOTH the Windows license fee and the cost of Office, while from a Mac user it receives only the cost of Office. Of course, many Mac consumer users won’t even buy Office.

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