Daniel Craig resisted Android phone placement in ‘Spectre’ because ‘James Bond only uses the best’

“Internal Sony communications indicated that Spectre star Daniel Craig and the movie’s director Sam Mendes were both opposed to multimillion dollar product placements for Sony or Samsung Android phones because it could tarnish the suave image of James Bond,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“An earlier report by Matt Weinberger of Business Insider UK noted that Sony had initially offered Craig $5 million to carry around its Xperia Z4 phone in the movie,” Dilger reports. “Discussions involved an $18 million marketing commitment from Sony, escalating to a $50 million marketing and promotional package from Samsung as well as a $5 million product placement for Bond to be seen using an Android phone with Samsung’s brand on it. ”

Dilger reports, “Leaked emails involving Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli noted that money wasn’t the only consideration involved in the decision of whether to take money from Android phone makers in exchange for promotion. ‘BEYOND the $$ factor, there is, as you may know, a CREATIVE factor whereby Sam and Daniel don’t like the Sony phone for the film (the thinking, subjectively/objectively is that James Bond only uses the ‘best,’ and in their minds, the Sony phone is not the ‘best’),’ wrote Andrew Gumpert, President of Worldwide Business Affairs and Operations for Columbia Pictures.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s nice to see that derivative wares can’t buy their way into every entertainment endeavor (cough – NFL – cough).

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        1. Both are not everyday consumer goods. And Bond wouldn’t use an iPhone. Whatever he used would likely be built from the ground up by Q… and likely based on Android if anything. Most of Bond’s apps wouldn’t be allowed on the App Store. The ejector seat button would definitely be rejected.

            1. People may not like to hear it… but the iPhone is not great for someone like Bond. Sure, it’s the best **consumer** smartphone out there, but anything Bond would use would be highly customized. The whole premise is that MI6’s research department has more advanced tech than any company… including Apple. It may look like an iPhone, but it would have a 1-week battery-life, multiple levels of biometric authentication, including custom NFC pairing with the embedded secure key transplanted beside an artery next to Bond’s heart ( which short-circuits when it stops working detecting a heartbeat ).

              It would also have a screen made out of amorphous diamond that senses acceleration and proximity with a hard surface and instantly changes the chemical composition of the screen to go soft ( to avoid cracking ).

              And it would definitely not be in Space Gray. Rather, it would be a custom “Bond Black”

              Bond only has to maintain the illusion that he uses the best phone, but the internals can be anything Q imagines.

              A highly customized Android phone MAY be less out of place than a highly customized iPhone.

            2. …but anything Bond would use would be highly customized

              See my post further down the thread. Apple’s enterprise developer license allows EXACTLY what you say Q couldn’t do: Make a customized iPhone. And as I also point out, no way would Q use Android if he wanted to avoid being hanged until dead.

            3. Actually, I don’t even think you need an enterprise dev license. You can now publish anything you want to your own phone as of iOS 9… finally. Of course, Bond uses qOS 007, naturally… so that’s never been a limitation.

          1. Taking your concept seriously:

            NO, Q would not build his own phone from the ground up and would be shot as a traitor if he used Android, the single most dangerous phone OS on the planet.

            Instead, Q would use an iPhone with an enterprise license from Apple. He could then create entirely CUSTOM apps that require no Apple scrutiny, including the ejector seat button app. Apple has a line of tools specific to enterprise users, in particular Apple Configurator:



            1. Yes, but the hardware changes would still apply…. and it would most definitely be saltwater proof. Besides, everyone knows that MI6 owns the shadow entity that owns the numbered corporation that owns Apple. Jony Ive was hired because of his connections, after all… and every morning gets into a supersonic transport tube that carries 7000km/h human pods underneath the Atlantic and directly to MI6’s headquarters.

            2. Hardware is indeed a good point. I suppose a special case could be devised for under ocean purposes. As to the rest of your revelation, I believe you’ve just broken the Official Secrets Act and have been marked for assassination.

    1. That’s funny.

      For those who thought it would work, you haven’t seen the size of those promotional placement contracts. When this much money exchanges hands, SONY (and Samsung) will make sure they get prominent placement with the protagonist (and not the villain). Lots of details are clearly specified (what can and cannot be done with their product in the movie).

      1. Absolutely. Look at how low ‘Elementary’ fell when we were subjected to a full-on shilling. Probably paid that full ad budget for the year. (And diminished my own previously somewhat unbridled admiration for the show.) Seriously, Sherlock is quirky, but, he knows the best, and he would simply not be using a Surface Pro. Bond’s endorsement through use of a product is as close as we come on this side of the pond to the old Royal Warrants.

  1. AHHH, they missed a great plot line opportunity…

    J.B destroys Evil Dude’s Electronic Empire by downloading a mess of common Android malware into his systems ….

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