How Apple made itself recession-proof

“Apple lives on cream – the very top of the market. Researcher IDC says its larger-screened iPhone has pushed Samsung aside to hold a majority of the more expensive end of the market – devices costing more than $650. But it’s not just the phone cream that it has grabbed,” The Guardian reports. “After 30 years in the personal computer market, Apple has just recorded a historic sales high of 5.7 million Macs in a quarter. Like Stella Artois, Apple positions itself as reassuringly expensive; it is a top-end brand in markets that have mainly been commoditised, with profits drained from all but a few. Apple intends to remain one of the few.”

“Apple makes more than three times as much profit from iPhones as Samsung does from its mobiles,” The Guardian reports. “Similarly, in personal computers, Apple’s Macs have an average selling price of $1,205; most PCs sell for half that or less. At those prices, and with an estimated 18% operating margin, Apple made two-thirds of the $1.8bn profit made by the six biggest manufacturers in the second quarter of the year, but sold only 7% of the machines. The two biggest, Lenovo and HP, shipped 20% and 18% of PCs worldwide, and made 20% and 11% of the profits.”

“Overall, Apple may have wormed its way into the ‘affordable luxury’ sector – taking its place alongside scotch whisky and nail polish in the pantheon of recession-proof items,” The Guardian reports. “‘Across the board, our goal is to make the best in the categories we choose to compete in,’ said Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, in an interview last week. ‘It’s what we’re doing and it’s reflected in customers choosing our products over anyone else’s. So I do think people are showing with their choice that they do value quality and beauty of the hardware, and that is not diminishing.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: In other words:

Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.

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  1. Apple’s Macs have an average selling price of $1,205; most PCs sell for half that or less/

    And surprise, that’s exactly what each is actually WORTH. There is no such thing as an ‘expensive’ Mac. There is instead such a thing as a CHEAP Windows box, cheap as in skimped on everything, especially value.

    1. IOW: This line is total rubbish:
      Overall, Apple may have wormed its way into the ‘affordable luxury’ sector

      The ‘worms’ are those who don’t bother to research the actual value of computers when they make comparisons. Macs are no ‘luxury’. They cost more because they’re consistently WORTH MORE. (I’m yelling today so the deaf can hear me).

  2. It’s more that the iPhone is simply a absolute necessity at this point and in the future, It’s at the top of what you make sure you pay for every month.

    Face it, if you forget your iPhone on the way to work, you’ll turn around to get it, even if you are already at the office, I do, and or be miserable the entire day and even lose money, and more by not having the phone on you,

    It’s more important than TV, Home phone, certain food, etc.

  3. I have always heard Apple was and is King. I have been told if I ever used any Apple products nothing else would matter. The only thing I have wondered over the years is since most of the programs run on Microsoft based programs how is the Apple Os compatible with these programs.

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