Over a million Android settlers have installed Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app

“Because of the way the Google Play Store is built – or better said, because Google made it that way, to highlight the performance of apps – each app has an estimated number of app downloads,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “Enter Move to iOS, Apple’s first Android app. The app was launched right around the iPhone 6s’ release and hardcore Android fans made sure to bomb it with crippling 1-star reviews. However, that doesn’t mean the app is not useful and that Android users don’t use it to move their data to iPhone.”

“The app’s specific purpose is to save your pictures, messages, contacts, bookmarks and Google data and then move it to the iPhone you just purchased. You won’t use it more than once on the same Android device. After all, you’re switching to iPhone,” Smith reports. “On October 29th, Google’s stats indicate that the Move to iOS app has been downloaded between 1 million and 5 million times. As I just explained, these are likely unique installs for a one-time kind of usage. Now, I’ll note that on Wednesday afternoon the number was at between 500,000 and 1 million installs. That means, since yesterday, the number of installs moved past the 1 million mark.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple should have charged a nickel for the app (a bargain for deliverance from the derivative Hee Haw hell to nirvana that the app delivers). Having to pay actual cash money, regardless of how little, would have infinitely ratcheted up the settlers’ collective conniption fit that greeted the app, which Apple should’ve instead named “Salvation” (and might have if Steve were still here).

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  1. If we look at the ratings and comments on the app, we find that a huge number of people download the app and delete it after slagging Apple. The Android community if full of a bunch of Apple Haters.

      1. Just like in my case. How frustrated, unconfident must these people be. If they really would be happy with their phones, they would just not care about Apple trying to attract users. The app will pass unnoticed. But, instead…

  2. IMO the most interesting thing about this is the contrast in size between a) the 1 million downloads of this app and b) the 22 million people who, according to apple, actually switched from android to iphone this past quarter.

    Given that the app was released at the very end of the quarter, the number of downloads should go up hugely next quarter.

  3. Since much of what the move to iOS app helps you move over is accessible w/o moving anything over, the App is really only useful if you want to also remove yourself from the associated Google services.

    1. It may be another invidious stratagem to decouple more users from Google. Lord, if only they’d played nicer with Apple back in the friendly partner days. LOL yeah right, “friendly partner.”


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