First Apple TV apps and games unveiled ahead of Apple TV App Store launch

“The Apple TV is now available to buy but customers won’t be receiving their new hardware until Friday at the earliest, according to Apple shipping estimates,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Although the dev kits currently lack an App Store to download software, plenty of developers are announcing their titles for the new Apple TV, ahead of schedule,” Mayo reports. “One of these is Simplex. Simplex Video will stream your full Plex library straight to Apple TV featuring a fantastic UI that closely mirrors the Apple iTunes Movies experience, whilst exposing all of the Plex categorization options. This could be the de facto to stream your own content library to Apple TV, as iTunes Home Sharing leaves much to be desired.”

“Streaks is a cool new workout app for Apple TV. You can select from a variety of activities to do workouts directly in your living room – all wrapped into a pretty design with bold imagery and rich typography,” Mayo reports. “Streaks times the pacing and number of repetitions and keep a record of your performance history. The goal is to do one workout every single day; you can customize the goals based on your fitness and free time.”

More apps, info and links in the full article here.

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  1. I’m buying other gear now now (4K shooting goodies – have you seen that Sony A7S II low light capabilities & being able to shoot in moonlight??) that it’ll have to be early next year for my Apple TV, iPad Pro and 2016 Mac Pro upgrades. But with all the screeners I get I won’t be suffering a dearth of things to watch. 🙂

    1. Kudos on that Sony, they are making some real kickass mirrorless cameras, and are handing Canon and Nikon their arses. But I just got done opening my new Canon EOS M3 with 18-55 and 55-200 zooms. Having been into Canon since the 70s I’m not switching, but if not I’d definitely have gone with the A6000 instead. Unfortunately their full size sensor A7 at over $3,000 is out of my price range.

  2. Just ordered a 64 GB Apple TV. I have three of the prior version. I’m getting only one now to see what it’s all about and what I have available on it. When Apple (or somebody/anybody please, dear Lord Amen) releases an internet cable package that is lightweight with about 20-30 channels for the $40 I’ve seen bandied about, I’ll upgrade the other two devices. My cord will be cut on Jan 24 when contract expires regardless.

  3. I have no interest in games, sports, or apps so far announced. Still, I’m a musician, art/music junkie and I’m looking forward to getting my first AppleTV. I only hope that it significantly enhances what I can already do having Netflix and Hulu… would love, Love to cut Time Warner out of my life. They suck you in, renegotiate, then raise the rates again. And there’s still nothing on.

  4. I so wanted one of these up until the point that is didn’t support 4K, come on Apple this could have been a great had you just supported 4K and included a good 4K upscaler. I could understand if 4K was still one of those things relegated to only super high end TV’s but you can buy a 50″ 4K at walmart for under $600, there was no reason to leave it out.

    1. 4K market: low install rate.
      Give it a few more years.

      Most people that bought a 1080p tv 5 years ago… Still work. They don’t upgrade JUST because there is a new tv out there, the masses “upgrade” when the old one dies.

      I’m about to buy 2 new tv’s, but keep putting it off cause the old ones still work.. I wouldn’t mind upgrading the 1080p 55″ tv.. But I rarely turn it on to justify replacing it. Sure if that’s the tv I spent all my time using, I’d have done it already. The other one is a 39″ in my office. I really don’t need a 4K tv there.. And really don’t need a 55-60+ in there either.

      Hell my 27″ iMac gets more video use than either tv.

      1. While I will agree the install base for 4K is nowhere near that of 1080, I expect Apple to be ahead of the curve not behind it, most of all when releasing a product just before a major shopping season that will most likely produce a sharp rise in the 4K install base, with the rapidly falling prices. This is a lost opportunity for apple to take the lead in 4K. The new Roku 4 has 4k, so does Amazon Fire tv. Both of which cost less. I love my Apple stuff it’s just hard to spend money on something that looks fantastic except for it’s output that feels almost out of date. When your new iPhone can shoot video that your even newer Apple TV can’t play back at full resolution something is wrong.

        1. It does seem strange lacking 4K while they tout the new iPhone 6s/6s Plus having 4K ability. I just got an email ad from Roku for their new Roku 4, and it looks pretty darn good to me, having 4K and other features the Apple TV doesn’t. Not exactly cutting edge, Apple.

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