Expect iPad Pro supply to be severely constrained as Apple takes conservative approach to device

“Apple is ready to sell its iPad Pro in November, but has only placed limited orders with the related upstream supply chain prior to the end of 2015 and for the first quarter of 2016, showing Apple is taking a rather conservative attitude about the sales of the product, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Currently, Apple only placed orders for fewer than 2.5 million units for the iPad Pro before the end of 2015,” Chen and Tsai report, “and the volume for the first quarter of 2016 is expected to be even lower if demand for the device during the year-end holidays is weaker than expected.”

Apple's all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Apple’s all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It wouldn’t be Apple if there weren’t severe supply constraints.


  1. I want one. I do a lot of drawing and it looks like a steal to me. Lack of usb3 in place of lightning connection is my only concern.
    It will be interesting how reviewers of this device react to it, especially when I read many give great reviews for $400-$1200 Chromebooks which are pretty useless devices compared the iPad Pro.

    1. I want one too, and I plan to get one as soon as possible. I really hope the supply of initial iPads and Apple Pencil are not so constrained that it keeps me from getting one of the first batch. This will be my 3rd iPad. The iPads are so durable that they just keep on working so my reason for upgrading is the pencil, and the larger screen, but primarily the pencil. I draw a lot. I also look forward to using one of the “Script” keyboard apps to use the stylus for writing and data entry in place of a traditional keyboard for most situations. For me, being able to write my thoughts down with a pencil is most natural. Having that writing instantly translated to type on this large screen will be awesome.

      1. I am still using an iPad 2 every day, so I am overdue. The thing is a tank. It just keeps going. But this one will be more of a work tool than my trusty ipad 2 which is for consumption only.

  2. That throwaway article postulates that demand will be lower than expected. Given the new features that are coupled to the Pro, plus its size, plus its Pencil capability, I see the Pro as the new iPad flagship. Its features will trickle down to the 9.7″ and mini. Expect record setting sales numbers. The screen size alone is the answer to my prayers for screen real estate to have two applications active in the same window for way less app switching to get text-intensive tasks done.

    1. The estimate of ~2.5M iPad Pro units for its first quarter of sales is based on supply chain data. I suspect that number represents the limit of iPad Pro production based on the initial product ramp-up for a device with a high tech, high resolution display.

      2.5M units is also roughly 25% of the recent quarterly sales of iPads (all existing varieties). For a relatively expensive, high-end product, that might seem like a reasonable fraction for a new product introduction from any company other than Apple. But new Apple products tend to garner a lot of interest worldwide. I would wager quite a bit of money that the first quarter imbalance in supply/demand for the iPad Pro will be epic.

        1. If truth hurt then you would be doubled over in intense pain about now for being such a market dunderhead. Disingenuous Dummies, or dare I say trolls (same difference), like you will step in before sales figures are announced knowing it’s your only opportunity to sound stupid before sales are announced.

        2. That’s funny. Every time I’m at an Apple Store in my town (and we have like, 9 in a 30 mile radius, New York you know) I see equal amounts hovering over both the watch and phone tables. Lots of credit card swipes too with stacks of accessories. Maybe it’s just your town with the cold feet?

  3. Lame take. Just like it wouldn’t be MDN if the app wasn’t still stuck in the land of iOS 6. Where’s the updated keyboard? Why can’t we swipe to go back?

    It can’t take much to run this site. And there are certainly plenty of ads. So, what gives?

  4. Apple probably has done some market research and has tempered its orders with what they hope is reality, that the iPad Pro is for a certain market and wants to tread carefully, can’t say I blame them.. Course I wonder where these people come up with these order numbers.. Apple certainly doesn’t hand those out..

    Since Apple Watch sales are not going to be revealed any time soon, any speculation on whether its a success or not is just that, “speculation” Only Apple knows, and 3rd party speculation again, is just that.. since we all know how generally inaccurate these analysts have been about everything else

    The only “sure” thing is, no matter how well Apple does this quarter, somehow it will not be good enough..

  5. Very possible we have cold feet.

    My apple store is here in the SF bay area. It’s backward here in the hill country and we country folk from SF to SJ are very scared of technology. Don’t even think of going into Palo Alto or Mountain View. Backwards.

  6. Apple & supply constraints:

    Recall or read up on the 1996 Apple catastrophe of being stuck with $1 Billion worth of Mac Performas that nobody wanted. That specific blunder by Apple (I point directly at Apple’s crap marketing morons of that era) caused their economic downfall period when ‘Apple’s Gonna Die!’ meme was all the rage.

    Steve Jobs put into place ‘Just In Time’ Apple product production. Seeing as that concept is impossible to predict with a new, untested product, the default is to UNDERESTIMATE the amount of product required for the market. This means a loss of potential sales in the short term, but also engenders an increase in total sales in the long term due to the free publicity for the product when those who want but can’t get one go into whining and ranting mode. Clearly, ‘Just Too Late’ is better than having too much inventory laying around, triggering more ‘Apple’s Gonna Die!’ analcyst pustule-ation.

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