Apple just banned some versions of Adobe Flash from Macs

“With his ‘Thoughts on Flash’ letter back in early 2010, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs waged a war on Adobe,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “Adobe’s Flash platform really had become a resource hog that was a terrible burden on developers, and that wreaked havoc on PC performance.”

“Thanks to the war Jobs waged, two things have happened in recent years: Flash has become far less popular as better technologies moved in to replace it, and the Flash platform has improved,” Epstein reports. “Improved though it may be, Flash still has some serious issues. We got a painful reminder of that last week when Adobe confirmed a very serious security flaw that was actively being used in attacks.”

Epstein reports, “Now, the story enters a new chapter as Apple just moved to block some versions of Adobe’s Flash software from its computers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good.

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      1. If you use it for work you should be keeping it up to date to avoid security issues. As long as it’s up to date you should be fine. Apple only ever blocks old versions to prompt you to update and keep your computer secure.

      2. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand the article – you only have to react to it. Good on ya for self identifying your hopes for a triple digit IQ.

        Read: “some (old) versions”

        1. You really had to insert the IQ comment didn’t you. The problem is that it sets a precedent. Keeping my machine updated is my responsibility, and though I appreciate Apple’s advisory, as an advisory, I don’t want them dictating what I can and cannot run. I choose not to have them as my IT department.

    1. I finally banned Flash from my MBP two months ago. The only thing I miss is the BBC videos and I have written them an email asking them to move over to HTML5. They say that they are in the process of moving over.

  1. The recent MDN article about Flash convinced me to download the uninstaller and remove it. Unfortunately I ran into many things I couldn’t view, from vendor websites I frequent to YouTube.

    I was surprised since I use Click To Flash and didn’t realize many of these were Flash. I just assumed the YouTube videos I was watching were HTML5, but they weren’t.

    Anyway, I ended up reinstalling Flash just so I could utilize the things I want. Maybe some day I can dump it for good.

    1. I did a clean install when I upgraded to Yosemite (I think) and can say that Flash and Java have never been on my system since. I have probably come up with half a dozen sites that have been an issue. That is it.

      I think it was back in January YouTube defaults to HTML 5 over Flash. You may need to try getting rid of it again…

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