Johns Hopkins epileptic seizure-symptom app is latest Apple medical research tool

“Someday soon, Apple Inc. iPhones and watches may be able to recognize when someone’s having an epileptic seizure, and call for help,” Zachary Tracer reports for Bloomberg. “Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed an app that can track and measure seizure symptoms, and is the first research app to combine sensors on both Apple’s watch and phone. Eventually, it may run in the background and alert caregivers that a patient is having an event.”

“For now, patients will need to activate it before a seizure starts. Many patients experience an ‘aura’ warning of a coming seizure, which will help them turn on the program in time,” Tracer reports. “Using sensors on the phone and watch, the app measures heart rate, movement and other data as the seizure progresses. The watch will also display queries designed to test whether the wearer is alert.”

“The app is likely to be among the first of many research and medical trackers to monitor minute-by-minute symptoms from everything from multiple sclerosis to heart and metabolic conditions like diabetes,” Tracer reports. “iPhone applications have already been developed to track Parkinson’s and asthma, and there are wellness and fitness apps that track activities like walking, running and diet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple. Making a dent in the universe, just like Steve Jobs intended.

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  1. I have known some people with epilepsy. Most seizures are not grand mal, so you may not know a friend has it. A seizure will make the person stop what they are doing until it is over. This can get information that the person doesn’t have the time write down afterwards. This will be a great help.

    It will give us Apple Watch owners something great to say when people ask us about our Watch.

    Side note. High C pot ( the kind that doesn’t get you high ) has been proven to help with seizures. Keeping it illegal is cruel.

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