Before you submerge your new iPhone 6s/Plus underwater: Don’t do it

“Are the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus iPhones waterproof? This is a question that many people are starting to ask,” I Fix Your i reports. “The short answer is, not exactly.”

“To better answer this, we went ahead and ran a quick test. Like other videos you may see, we submerged it in water, for about 1 min 58 seconds,” I Fix Your i reports. “The phone seemed to work fairly well when testing it after we pulled it out of the sink, with the exception of the microphone and the loudspeaker.”

“When we cracked it open, we found some moisture by the ear speaker, on the rear camera, and in the charging port,” I Fix Your i reports. “Significantly less than what would have been found in a previous generation phone under the same circumstances.”

“While we don’t recommend that you take this phone swimming or take a shower with it, we will say after our simple analysis, it is a lot less likely you’ll suffer water damage should you spill a drink or drop your phone in the sink,” I Fix Your i reports. “Are the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s Waterproof? Probably not, but definitely water resistant.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday:

Water-resistant, like Apple Watch, not “waterproof.”

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    1. People are that stupid though. My nephew went into the sea with his Samsung in his shorts pocket. It survived but not fully, the screen and speaker were affected. A couple days later he did it again, even after we told him to check if his phone was in his pocket. This time it died.

  1. Nice to see some improvement in this regard. It’s basically just Apple trying to reduce the number of water-related repairs/replacements that come through the warranty program, but I’m all for it.

    That said, don’t assume that your iPhone is safe from rain or excessive humidity. A visit to the sauna or a random drop in one of the ports could still be enough to kill it.

    1. It’s about Apple making a better phone for the consumer. In the end, it is in Apple’s best interest as well, but you make it sound so self serving.

      From a dollar standpoint, Apple would gladly have people keep destroying their phones and buying new ones along with AppleCare+.

  2. These are some roaring news about Apple, they just discovered sealing and I suggest nobody to be surprised about the upcoming keynote when Apple introduces the MacBook LTE+

    Utopist, that is my middle name. My family name is a mystery, I was adopted.

  3. But the important question for some will be what happens if you bend it under water?

    And after that, is it fire proof too?

    Whatever iPhones are like, somebody will find a bizarre ‘flaw’.

    Having said that, it’s rather good to find that the iPhone 6S has been out for nearly a week and we haven’t had bloggers shouting about xxxGate. They must be terribly disappointed.

  4. This is treat to know. When the phone still works after two minutes under water, it means that many people will be spared from having to replace their phone after accidentally dropping it in the toilet / swimming pool / bathtub. These occurrences may be rare, but they do happen, and it will be a most welcome surprise to those unfortunate (or clumsy) enough to do this.

  5. On the subject of speaker / mic not working, this might not even be a problem. On two occasions, I had a rain drop fall right on the speaker opening, getting the speaker inside completely wet. This made the speaker seemingly inoperative, which annoyed me quite. However, after about 30 minutes, when the moisture evaporated, the speaker resumed normal function, as if nothing happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if this submerged iPhone behaved in the same way.

  6. It’s been submerged for over an hour, without adverse effects. Your milage may very. In tests posted online, not by any means scientific or official, the speaker was fine. Water does get into the phone, behind the screen, that has been reported more than once. But the neat thing, it doesn’t kill the screen or the phone. That’s the big message, water isn’t killing the phone.

      1. It seems, no one knows what to make of this. Water does get in. There’s more than the gasket. I haven’t read any comment on the component to component connectivity. Is the battery sealed to the motherboard? Are the boards covered in a water resistant membrane, etc.

        I brought my son’s phone (cheap) back to life, by both rice, and putting it in a toaster oven, taking advantage of the mechanical thermostat, raising it just a bit above room temperature. For $29 you can get a basic oven, that will let you set any temp, below the lowest marker.

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