Apple Board member Al Gore won’t rule out 2016 U.S. presidential run

“We all know where former vice president Al Gore stands when it comes to climate change, but what about a presidential bid for 2016?” Jorge Ramos and Tamara Weston report for Fusion. “His name has routinely been floated as a potential Democratic candidate at every primary since losing the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000, but unlike 2004 and 2008, the environmental activist has yet to publicly rule out the possibility of a run. In fact, he’s remained especially shy on the subject this time around, keeping us all wondering about what would be a major political comeback.”

“But when Fusion’s Jorge Ramos had a chance to catch up with Gore in Miami while he was in town for a conference held by The Climate Reality Project (of which he is Chairman and founder), Gore carefully chose his words when asked point-blank if he will run, and never flat-out said, ‘No.’ ‘Are you considering running for president?’ Ramos asked. ‘I’m a recovering politician,’ Gore said. ‘I’ve said that before but it’s still true. And the longer I go without a relapse, the less likely there will be one,'” Ramos and Weston report. “Gore did not comment on Hillary Clinton (and Democrats’ uneasiness about her email debacle), or any other Democratic presidential candidate…”

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    1. Gore’s activities since 2000 have elevated his public speaking abilities relative to his robotic speech and debate performances in his failed Presidential bid. I suspect that he would come across to the general public as much more likable and approachable. However, he has also generated some baggage since 2000 which would be used to aggressively attack him.

      Left to his own, I do not believe that Gore would choose to run. He might run, if asked by the right people. But I do not see that happening as long as Bernie is viable as the backup for Hillary, should things head south for the Democratic candidate. In fact, Bernie may become the Democratic frontrunner on his own.

      Gore served as Vice President. Gore ran for President. I don’t think that any sane person would voluntarily jump back into that political arena.

  1. What. We. Need. To. Do. Iiiisss… Take all of the producers’ – what’s left of them – money… And put it in a “lockbox.”

    A “lockbox.” And I’ll keep it safely in my basement and dole it out to save the planet where I see fit (and via my “environmental” holdings and to benefit my backers and friends) while I globehop in a petroleum-guzzling jet with a personal carbon footprint the size of New York. Don’t worry, the government is your mommy and will take care of everything.

    (All spoken as if by a wooden marionette trying to communicate with an audience he perceives as being a kindergarten class with special needs).

    1. There are true, thoughtful conservatives, and then there are bigoted assholes such as F14Txx who have usurped the name Conservative to cloak themselves in a semblance of rationality when all they have to offer is mindless twaddle on the intellectual level of fungus. Asimov said it best:
      &hbsp;  “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

      1. Hmm. What ideology has driven education in the United States for the last few decades? That’s right, liberalism.
        The results speak for themselves.
        Here’s the big problem: Both groups are as bad as each other, a fact masterfully demonstrated by this clown above who posts endless political tripe in a tech forum.
        WFB would indeed hang his head in shame.
        The days of reason are gone.

  2. The bets on Trump are wildly exaggerated, but reflects a nation t6hat waits for the next disaster in order to justify a war.

    I do not think so.

    Al Gore will run and he will win this election.
    But only if he speaks out soon.

    1. With about 80% of the history of that so called nation at war, it is well beyond having to wait for a disaster to justify continuing the united states war mongering.

      I have asked but I can’t find any comment from any candidate saying that they will bring G.W.Bush and gang to the International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity, nor can I find any candidate that will stop the torture, continued and sustained torture against innocent people though there are several candidates supporting it along with the wiffle wofflers.

      Thats’ just the tip of the ice berg. There certainly doesn’t require a disaster to justify a war on united states soil and to give it a well deserved taste of its own medicine but I doubt that any civilized country from the free world would stoop that low.

      I’m quite content to wait to see the karma manifest itself towards that nation. It’s going to be such a, well they’ll syriassly get the idea soon enough. Then again, maybe not, they are pretty thick.

    1. I’d take him over Hillary or Biden….it’d be a close call with Sanders.

      Of the Republican candidates, the only ones I would consider voting for are Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush (and I can’t believe I listed another Bush as an option)…the rest are either too politically radical, too stupid, or too religious.

      (And for many, it’s all three…Yes, Ted Cruz, I’m talking to you).

        1. Thank you. Well said. Gore is such a lying scumbag and people believe all his bullshit about the environment. If things happened the way he said they would the polar ice caps would now be totally gone and we would all be cooked according to his bullshit. Gore is a sleazy slime ball and he is in politics just for power, himself and his useless ego.

  3. When did “no” have to become “flat out no”?

    Unless there was some personal advantage to doing that, why would he ever say that? Even if he is 99% certain he won’t, there is no reason to restrict his future choices. (Besides, it is not like the reporter is making him swear an oath before responding.)

    1. I’m with you all the way. Al Gore is a fool, who’s gamed a bunch of people as fools. To think of how rich he’s become, while living a life of energy waste and excess, while pushing a load of bullshit to the ignorant masses. It irks me to no end.

      Imagine, they claim they know how to stop global warming, even though there has not been one, out of the ordinary, since their predictions; other than the one shown in their stupid models that never comes true. But here’s the thing. So they claim they can somehow control the weather, then, why don’t they make it rain in California? Yeah, why can’t they stop Hurricanes? Yeah, why can’t they? Because they have no idea how, that’s why.

      There were ice ages, followed by warmer eras. Yet, there was never any discussion of limiting and taxing emissions millions of years back then. It just happened. Common sense tells us that one day we are going to have another ice age, and it’s going to be the shits for a lot of people, if not all of humanity. Eventually, it will warm up again.

      Just about 10 years ago, Gore proclaimed that by tens of millions would be underwater around the world about right now, unless they began reduction of ‘plant food’ emissions and the taxing of those emissions — immediately. Talk about fear mongering BS. All those predictions by the left over the years, and none has come to pass.

      It’s time we put this clown to pasture, with all of his ill-gained millions.

    2. Any spokesperson that passionately speaks out on an issue and who’s life’s actions are far out of line with the passion, is a fraud, liar and, in Gore’s case, a gas-bag w/ a huge carbon foot print.
      Not long ago he stated the combustion engine was a “mortal threat” to society. Look how he lives in light of that statement…hardly consistent. No–very inconsistent. His solution is profound: change light bulbs to CFL, while I, then a single man, live alone in a monstrous house and traipse the earth flying solo in a Gulfstream–speaking the passion that everyone else should heed. Emmm, he’s my man!

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