Eddy Cue on Apple Music: We’re not fixated on short-term subscriber numbers, ‘we’re in this for the long haul’

The day Apple’s Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue and I “meet in a penthouse-style room in Apple’s Hanover Street HQ (Boogie Nights shag-pile, tastefully adorned bookshelves), coincides with a frantically busy time for the company,” Jimi Famurewa reports for The Evening Standard. “The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets land in shops the next day (and will go on to sell in record global numbers — about 3,000 a minute), the iOS 9 system update has just launched (coinciding with an unfortunate malware attack on the App Store) and the revamped Apple Music Festival is well under way.”

“Cue, who was the man Steve Jobs tasked with securing media partnerships for iTunes, has taken a lead role on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Spotify-killer and spearheaded its march to more than 11 million users,” Famurewa reports. “However, with the first batch of free three-month trials expiring this week, is he worried about subscribers drastically falling? ‘Ultimately, you never know until it happens,’ he reasons. ‘But we’re pleased with the number of people who have tried. Everybody gets fixated on the short term but we’re in this for the long haul.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good, because it certainly is going to be a long haul.

Now, about that Apple TV service for cord-cutters…

MacDailyNews Note: To turn off Apple Music’s automoatic renewal:

In iTunes:
1. Click on your account
2. Select “Account Info”
3. Select Settings>Subscriptions and click “Manage”
4. Set Automatic Renewal to “Off”

In iOS’ Apple Music app:
1. Tap your account
2. Tap “View Apple ID”
3. Select Subscriptions and tap “Manage”
4. Hit the toggle button to turn of automatic renewal

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  1. I listened to Apple Music once during the free trial and discontinued it after two months. I have enough of my own music collection to suffice. Besides, I like audio books more than music now.

    1. I have much music too. But finding new people I like is very hard.

      Finally got an Apple Store worker to make it simple. Have already found two interesting artists. Cool!!

  2. This guy Cue is just one of SJ lieutenant, all his present department assigned to him are flaps, ad,music etc. he should just retire and enjoy driving all his Ferraris.

    1. I keep seeing posts on this forum advocating the firing or retirement of various high-level Apple employees. The question is, who will replace them and will those replacements perform any better?

      Don’t get me wrong…I have long held the opinion that there are very few true irreplaceable geniuses. I believe that there are many good candidates who would perform well in a mid- to upper-level corporate position, given the chance. And I also believe that there is still way too much of the “good old boy club” in corporate America. But what is the point of replacing someone unless you can get someone better? Change for the sake of change is generally destructive. And corporate stability is sometimes more important than modest localized personnel improvements.

  3. I’ve resorted to buying iOS music player apps, as I find the new Music app UI so horrifically f_tarded. How s_t is that!?

    The iOS Music app belongs in a box of disappointment with FCP X and Maps.

  4. Not likely to subscribe to Apple Music, did not give it the 3-month trial because of the complexity of the Apple Music/iTunes/Match system.

    More important, I’ve bought most of the music I’ll ever listen to, so I”m not the consumer Apple is working to attract.

    But if I were young, surrounded by music in ways I never imagined back then, I could see renting my music instead of buying. Hard to believe anybody would want to rent/lease the Beatles and Bob Dylan, let’s say, but times have changed.

  5. Personally I like the service very much and intend to keep my subscription.

    As far as Eddy Cue is concerned, he can’t magically produce deals if the content makers don’t want to negotiate. I am not sure he is doing as poorly as his critics suggest. Maybe, maybe not.

    Last thing I want to say is- It seems no music streaming service or music sales enterprise is doing very well. I don’t think that it is the business model(s) that are weak, but instead the demand for music in general is much lower than in past decades. A huge part of this is because of pirating and other fallout brought about by the digital age. But also because music in general has lost its way. In the 70’s music was a very big thing that defined that generation. Today, music is more in the background and is often overproduced pap that lacks soul and provides little inspiration to the masses. Not to say that there are not some great inspirational bright spots here and there, but it is not the same as certain times in the past.

  6. I won’t touch on the good and bad on the product itself but just to say that Apple Music had a flubbed launch.

    Now only almost at the end of the initial free trial period did they put out videos on how to navigate the interface (the ‘Guided Tours’).
    Now forever Apple Music is going to be tarred with the ‘difficult to navigate’ image (like Maps fouled it’s launch )

    Similarly Apple WATCH launch was also screwed up. I understand the logistic problems etc but they didn’t communicate the launch properly at all. What was that April 24 launch date etc about ?

    Straighten out your MARKETING Apple or all your hard work on the product side is going to waste.

  7. Seems I’m the only one posting on MDN who finds Apple Music extremely rewarding. I love the fact that I can hear a song, search for the artist and stream as much as I want.

    What is wrong with everyone? The interface isn’t THAT bad, and the rewards of nearly unlimited music are substantial.

  8. I’m the owner of an Internet Radio station where we offer FREE music and requests. I’ve seen our listener numbers go UP since Apple Music came into being, which tells me that

    1) People DO NOT wanna pay a monthly fee for music.
    2) People wanna pay once-and-done for the music they DO want.

    Apple music is gonna fail hard, and I hope that Apple finally cans Apple Music and Mr. Cue(ball) in a hurry.

    . So much for Apple Music

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