Computerworld reviews Apple’s OS X El Capitan: ‘Designed with rock-solid stability in mind’

“Apple’s new Macintosh operating system, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, is named after a prominent rock formation in Yosemite National Park,” Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld. “That’s fitting because the new OS is designed with rock-solid stability in mind. El Capitan is the 12th iteration of the OS powering Apple’s desktop computer lineup, and as the name implies, it stands on the shoulders of its predecessor.”

“There’s a wealth of new features in El Capitan that seem minor — until you need them,” deAgonia writes. “These may not be ground-breaking changes to apps and the operating system, but this collection of small additions makes using El Capitan a little faster, smoother, easier and better. And the under-the-hood technologies lay the groundwork for richer apps down the road. It’s these usability iterations found throughout El Capitan that make the biggest difference.”

“El Capitan does what it is designed to — streamline OS X across the board, making it more efficient to run and flat-out easier to use,” deAgonia writes. “It’s free, it runs well and I recommend it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’ll punch up your Mac for sure.

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      1. Just the initials? WTF, your work is far too stuck up. Hell, my colleagues have nicknames for each other that include blatant S&M references… and this is in a government department, supposedly overrun by no-humour-allowed politically correct types.

  1. I just cannot stop shaking, reading these lies about the Mac OS.

    Until Mavericks, I would call it a Mac. But the hiccups are now daily biz and there is no cure except for downgrading.


    Just read the Beta FAQs, call the Support if you do not attend, maybe you will find the difference in here. Maybe you find contradictions that explain why Apple has lost the leading role in Desktop OS Development.

    When IOS is everything, what is left for the brand core?

    Quality is not the key of this CEO. He is the numbers guy making more money upon our pain.

    Leaving this ecosystem is easier then I expected, now using Linux. It was a pleasure talking with you guys here.

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