Is the new iPhone waterproof? Examining iPhone 6s/Plus’ new gasket

“On Friday, we tore down Apple’s two newest iPhones and found something new lurking (quite literally) just below the surface,” Jeff Suovanen reports for iFixIt. “When we opened up the 6s, we discovered some mystery adhesive around a display that’s already secured with screws. Weird. It’s not as if past iPhone displays were in danger of falling out of the phone.”

“So if the iPhone display didn’t need adhesive, what was Apple up to?” Suovanen reports. “We had our suspicions, based in part on Apple patent filings in one particular area: waterproofing. Apple has been investigating a waterproof (or, more accurately, liquid proof) iPhone for at least the last several years. If that strip of sticky goop on the 6s wasn’t put there to hold the display in, then maybe—just maybe—it was designed to keep liquids out. Like a gasket!”

“After disassembling a couple of new iPhones in the name of science, here’s what we found,” Suovanen reports. “First, Apple takes this gasket business pretty seriously: they didn’t just run a strip of glue around the existing display like they were caulking a bathtub. Instead, it appears the iPhone’s frame has been subtly reworked to accommodate the new gasket. We noted a slight, but measurable, increase in the width of the lip running along the perimeter of the frame—it’s about 0.3 mm wider than on the iPhone 6, making it just wide enough for that little gasket to land on. One-third of a millimeter may not seem like much, but given how tight the iPhone’s tolerances are nowadays, the change is big enough to see with the naked eye. And it’s almost certainly enough of a change that other components had to be subtly tweaked to match. Make no mistake, Apple gave this careful thought.”

Read more and check out all of the teardown photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Water-resistant, like Apple Watch, not “waterproof.”

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  1. Don’t go swimming with your iPhone 6S, yet…

    This might be an unadvertised “beta” of future waterproofing.

    In the mean time. you can relax knowing that if you spilt your milk on your iPhone, more likely than not, you won’t have to cry.

  2. I had you white listed until today when confronted by that hideous T-Mobile movie in Spanish playing at the top of the articles list. Every time I read an article and went back to the list view, that movie started again and I had to click the X to stop it.

    I don’t mind the static ads, but that T-Mobile movie is way too intrusive. I like your site and want you to make a profit so you can keep publishing.

    I will check every day to see if it’s gone. When it is, I will white list MDN again.

  3. again, Apple offers something and gives you much more.
    Microsoft offers you so much and end up giving you so little and so bogus. what does microsoft’s fans (and android too) have in their heads?

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