Selfies kill more people than sharks

“Think before you selfie, you guys, because sometimes getting the right angle on those pictures can have serious (even fatal!) consequences,” Lindsey Caldwell reports for E! Online.

“According to a new study, there have now been more deaths this year from selfies than there have been from shark attacks,” Caldwell reports. “The death toll for selfie-related deaths now totals 12 people, whereas deaths related to shark attacks totals 8 people.”

“The most recent selfie related death occurred in India where, according to BBC, a 66-year-old tourist named Hideto Ueda died after attempting to take a, you guessed it, photo of himself for his friends and family to see,” Caldwell reports. “Per an eyewitness’ account, Ueda and a friend fell to their untimely deaths while attempting to take a picture at the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Darwinism at work.


      1. I recall back in the bad old days when 1200 baud modems were a hot new commodity and Hayes was the king, we used things like for grin, for evil grin, for sarcasm, etc. Now we have cutesy little graphics. Aside from an occasional smiley or wink, I think they’re more appropriate for texting and not for discussion boards. It’s like writing a letter using crayons.

        Then again, I may just be turning into an old fart.

  1. “Shark deaths” is a meaningless metric for comparison. Almost every other cause of death in the world exceeds shark-related fatalities. I suspect that more people trip over untied shoelaces and expire than die from shark attacks.

    Interestingly, the likelihood of a particular fatality factor has very little to do with the public perception of it. People fear sharks and snakes and spiders far more than cars, but cars are more deadly.

    1. Maybe. But nothing sends a shiver up the spine like the thought of a big shark impaling you on its multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth. The HORROR!

      PS- I want to see a breakdown on Selfie Deaths per iPhone vs Android users. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. If we’re discussing “Shark Deaths” why not mention that humans kill on average over 12,000 sharks AN HOUR?

    It’ll take a lot of selfie-related deaths to top that figure.

    1. An hour? Yeah I don’t think so.

      A year? Maybe…
      Might want to post some link to some official number, random number posted on the internet.. Means nothing.

      Shark deaths have been reported since Jaws came out. Unsure if they even kept numbers prior really.

  3. People can be quite creative in discovering new and exciting ways of damaging themselves and this has never been more obvious since the birth of Youtube: was lucky enough to avoid getting a Darwin award. Selfies, OTOH, while merely obnoxious displays of narcissism, are relatively safe.

  4. Um, anyone read the article? The man lost consciousness taking a selfie and later died. He was not KILLED taking a selfie! Falling to your death while trying to get the perfect angle, THAT is being killed taking a selfie.
    Stupid and misleading story

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