Mossberg reviews iPhone 6s/Plus: ‘The best smartphone, period.’

“Apple’s job every year is to bring out a new iPhone with enough improvements to justify an upgrade, a new purchase or a switch from a competing phone,” Walt Mossberg writes for Re/code. “This year, the company has done it again with the iPhone 6s, adding core new features including a screen that detects the pressure of your touch and uses that knowledge to make navigation easier and faster.”

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus offer a “set of new capabilities that I consider fundamental, core improvements. These are things that improve the quality of the phone while generally making a fluid, powerful product even better — and faster and easier to navigate and use,” Mossberg writes. “They secure the iPhone’s place as the best smartphone on the market.”

“The new model’s most important new feature: The multitouch screen now gains a new system-wide capability — it reacts to the force of your finger, a feature called 3D Touch,” Mossberg writes. “This is one of those potentially huge user behaviors — like swiping, or pinching and zooming — that seem odd or minor at first, but which Apple historically is able to make deeply important and useful. And it’s not just a software tweak. It involved serious re-engineering of the display. It’s the kind of thing that is Apple’s specialty: The company manages to do new things better, apply them broadly and make them seem natural, because it has control over both the software and hardware platforms on which its products rest. No other big player does. Another big gain: Improved cameras on a phone that I believe already had the best. And boy is this new iPhone fast. All without compromising battery life.”

“After using it as my main phone all day every day for a couple of weeks, I believe the 6s is the best version ever of the best smartphone on the market, especially when combined with the new iPhone operating system, iOS 9, released last week and standard on the new hardware,” Mossberg writes. “The iPhone 6s is the best smartphone out there, period.”

Much, much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, fragmandroid peddlers.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep warm now, ya hear?


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      1. This is just laughable.
        So 0.02 mm makes a difference to you?
        That 12% (11.6279% if you want to be that touchy) is too much? 192 grams is too much for a phone?

        Yes, we all want our Globals. They’re not here yet, though I suspect that Apple will ship an equivalent by late 2020.

        If your post was sarcasm, I missed it.

  1. Apple does it again because they *never* stray from holding themselves to a very high standard. Are they perfect? No. But do they try to deliver the best build quality and experience? Yes. Do they learn from their mistakes? Yes.

    Way to go, Apple. You deserve all of the success that you’ve earned.

    1. 2 years ago I purchased a 5S with 64gigs, believing your line of thinking.
      Today I checked my usage and it’s only up to 11 gigs. And I’m a fairly heavy user, imo.

      I’m seriously considering a 6S with 16 gigs.

      1. After 2 years you finally checked your usage? I don’t think you qualify as a “heavy user”. But go ahead and buy the 16gig version if that suits you. With photos, music, video, magazines etc, all demanding ever growing space, I could very happily buy a 256gig model if it existed. I like my stuff available offline as well.

  2. Walt gives another good review – positive except for the 16GB entry level memory.

    16GB will be gone in a flash leaving the unwise seriously p****d in a month or two that their phone is full . Not, I suggest, the feeling to be left with after spending $650

  3. @afagk, The extra weight is about as heavy as a breath mint and the extra thickness is about two sheets of paper.
    Most of the existing 3rd party cases still fit. DBADA!
    If your post happened to be sarcasm, then I admit, you did a gotcha on me.

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