Supplies of Apple’s record-selling iPhone 6s/Plus likely to be severely constrained

“Now that Apple has unveiled iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus it can get down to the business of manufacturing enough units to sell them, the company has already said that it’s seeing exceptionally strong demand for the new handsets which are on pace to beat the iPhone 6’s record of 10 million sales during the first weekend,” Adnan Farooqui reports for Ubergizmo.

“KGI Securities claims that delivery dates for the iPhone 6S Plus have already slipped by 3-4 weeks primarily because of production issues with the larger model’s backlight hardware,” Farooqui reports. “Despite warning about production issues, KGI Securities believes that Apple will have up to 2.5 million units ready to start shipments on September 25th, since delivery times have started to slip it’s unlikely that a pre-order placed now will be delivered by the release date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pre-orderers, did you get yours in for September 25th delivery? iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus?

Apple iPhone 6s/Plus on pace to beat last year’s 10 million unit first-weekend record – September 14, 2015
iPhone 6s/Plus pre-orders sold-out in China in 12 hours – September 12, 2015


  1. All the Apple shipped ATT orders – like mine to get one last 2-yr contract price @ 12:21 PDT – reported no sooner than Oct 16-23, except a few I saw reported Sept 25. My 128GB Space Gray 6S Plus will probably be among the later delivered. But I’m still holding out hope for a miracle.😖😜😱💥😃⌚️🎉😘😎📱

  2. How do these people know about Apple production issues? Who would be revealing that sort of information? It’s like Apple is the only company that ever has production issues. Most companies don’t talk about that sort of stuff. All products require production time if that’s what they mean. If demand is overwhelming a company can’t simply ramp up production above 100% to fulfill extra orders because it depends on component manufacturers, too. It’s stupid to have worries that consumers won’t wait and will buy some other companies product instead. We’re not talking about medical supplies or life-saving devices.

    1. “I suggest its good to question the accuracy of any kind of rumor about build plans. Even if a particular data point were factual, it would be impossible to interpret that data point as to what it meant to our business. The supply chain is very complex and we have multiple sources for things. Yields can vary, supplier performance can vary. There is an inordinate long list of things that can make any single data point not a great proxy for what is going on.”
      – Tim Cook (during the Q1 2013 esults conference call)

    2. Digging back to the 9to5 Mac source article, this is what they quote from KGI:

      We believe Radiant is receiving rush orders, because Minebea is having production issues. This tells us that Radiant is more skilled at producing backlight module for 6S Plus given its accumulated abundant experience supplying the backlight module for iPad mini (a similar size to 6S Plus). To accelerate availability, we believe Apple has been transferring substantial 6S Plus backlight module orders to Radiant. As such, we estimate the company’s iPhone 6S Plus backlight module orders to increase by 70-80% to 4-5mn units in September, boosting its order allocation from 35-45% to 70-80%.

      What’s-His-Name-God-Of-Apple-Analysis at KGI comes up with some conspicuously restricted information. My best guess is that he knows a few moles within the industry, such as Foxconn employees breaking the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). <-Typical China culture rubbish where 'trade secret' translates into 'black market leaks for sale'. 😛 Sadly, there's a demand for illegal corporate inside information.

      1. Ming Chi Kuo is a far better marketer than he is an analyst.

        “What’s-His-Name-God-Of-Apple-Analysis at KGI comes up with some conspicuously restricted information”

        The reality is that he doesn’t have to have any special sources. Nobody can confirm his rumors today, and in 4 months nobody will care. From a brand awareness point of view these unprovable reports are golden. They keep his name front and center, and they will never come back to haunt his veracity.

        Kuo has a miserable track record when it comes to his speculation that can be proven in the future. Point is that nobody takes the time to consistently check his reports against revealed results.

        I have been, and Kuo is just like most bloggers/rumor mongers, etc., he should keep his mouth shut.

  3. Supply Chain Genius, where are you?

    I always loved it when an Apple keynote ended with the emphatic positive statement, “and it’s available today!” Seems that with all the money and people Apple now has, it’s management team can’t pull that off anymore.

      1. Exactly. In Steve’s time, all they needed to have ready for the launch day was a few hundred thousand units. Not even God of gods could have ten million of anything ready for the launch weekend.

        1. Apple uses new model iPhone launches to make FQ4/xx look positive. If you’ll notice the launch weekend has been (on rare occasion) a full week before the end of the quarter (as it was last year) vs the last weekend of the quarter. This is done to mask how well/badly the outgoing iPhone did in its finsl quarter as Apple’s flagship. Last year expectations of a larger screen iPhone were so high that in the September quarter iPhone 5S sales fell off a cliff. Think about it. Apple reported 39.3 Million iPhones sold during the September quarter 2014. The iPhone 6/6 Plus were available for 9 days. Apple reported >10 Million iPhone 6/6 Plus handsets sold during its launch weekend (3 days). Its safe to say that Apple sold a similar number in the following 6 days for a total of 20 Million iPhone 6/6 Plus handsets sold during the September quarter of F2014. That means unit sales of the iPhone 5S/5C totaled a mere 19 Million units, a decrease from the June quarter of >50%. September 2014 iPhone sales looked good entirely due the early launch date of the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

          This year is different. Sales of the iPhone 6/6 Plus have remained strong all year long. This year won’t require any launch day shenanigans to beat last year’s results.

          If Apple sells 51 Million iPhones this quarter, with 10 Million coming from first weekend iPhone 6S/6S Plus sales, it’ll mean the retiring flagship iPhone sold ~115% more units that it did last year. That’s how strong demand is for Apple’s large screen iPhones.

          If I owned Samsung equities I’d be very concerned about the future. If TSMC only garners 45% of Apple’s A10 fab business (rumored to be getting much more than that), coupled with increasing sales of iPhones, Samsung is headed for a hard fall.

      1. Black is the hardest color to achieve when anodizing aluminum. I believe the “Space Gray” happened when they tried for black. They gave it a new name and went with it. Doubt if you will see true black anodized aluminum anytime soon.

  4. I got my preorder using the iPhone Apple Store app. iPhone 6s Plus 128 GB Space Gray AT&T (no-contract). 12:08 AM Pacific on the email receipt, and I even had time to enter 4 Apple Store gift cards, and change my primary credit card.

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