Professional artists cheer the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

“Apple unveiled a new iPad Pro and stylus on Wednesday, and professional artists are ecstatic,” Jose Pagliery reports for CNNMoney. “The Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive. Press lightly, and the stroke gets thinner. Tilt the pencil, and the stroke gets thicker. Pair it with an iPad Pro, and there’s finally an Apple device to replace paper sketchbooks. College students can balance this on a knee when doing sketches at an art museum. Comic book artists can finally work from the couch.”

“David Macy is an artist at Adobe who tested the iPad-Pencil pairing sometime before this week’s announcement. He told CNNMoney that he was impressed by the iPad’s ability to quickly switch between programs, carrying files from one to another,” Pagliery reports. “And the stylus-tablet communication is seamless, he said. ‘There’s no glitches or latency when drawing. It keeps up with your movement,’ he said. ‘It really really feels great, and I think artists are going to love it.'”

Apple's all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Apple’s all-new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

“David Marquez is an artist at Marvel, where his work includes the ‘All-New X-Men’ and ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’ series… ‘There are lots of artists already using iPads and other mobile devices as a creation tool,’ he said. ‘This is Apple creating an iPad with us specifically in mind,'” Pagliery reports. “And surprisingly for Apple, this price point doesn’t hurt. The iPad Pro starts at $799, and the Pencil is another $99. The total $900 package is slightly cheaper than the comparable 13-inch Wacom Cintiq.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The price of iPad Pro is an incredible value. We still can’t believe Apple got the entry point down to just $799!

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    1. I’d agree this might be the end of the Cintiq, but the Intuos is great to have for a dedicated, relatively inexpensive, always on input device for my workhorse computers.
      Don’t get me wrong, I am first in line for one of these babies – I’ve been hoping for this for years. I already use my iPad for a ton of content creation, the Pro will really bee a boon.

      1. The pro is one of those things that I “heard about” running up to Sept 9, but could not imagine what an amazing thing it actually is, seeing it in action. Alas I will be jealous for a while. I have a Bambo pad, and I find it difficult even with the pen, being left handed and right moused does not help. Anyway having the image right under the tip of the pen makes a world of difference. Argh. At work I have a large format Wacom screen, that weighs 10kg, gathering dust. Scrimp and save – scrimp scrimp scrimp.

  1. Ya? How hard is it to get the content from your tablet to your computer and to vendors and etc.? The apps they create for the iOS haven’t been so compatible in the past, is this a new era? I’d like it to be… The iPad Pro represents a solid foundation for content creation, something iOS has never really seen before. Let’s see what happens, I’m excited!!!

    1. There are apps on the Mac that use the iPad as a drawing tool – they’ll love it.

      Data transfer is as easy or as hard as the software makes it. See GoodReader as an example.

  2. Disclaimer: I have been an Apple user (31 years) longer than some of my friends in here have lived. I was one of the few hard core fans before it was “cool” to be an Apple user. I got to enjoy the keynote presentations by the late Steve Jobs and was often one of the first in purchasing the newest Apple innovation. Sadly, times have changed. I no longer find myself glued to a screen anticipating the newest product announcement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an Apple user and believe they have some of the best quality products in the market, but in their quest to a maintain such a high standard in revolutionary products, they have fallen trap to their own hyperbole in announcing every single upgrade to their products as the “most amazing,” “revolutionary,” “best in the world,” etc…Their latest innovation, the “apple pencil” is described as the most amazing tool ever designed. It’s a freaking stylus, Apple! Something that Apple’s creator, Steve Jobs was known to ridicule it’s purpose for years. Now, I get it, it’s impossible to always come up with the next best thing in the world. I’m just asking to stop trying to pretend otherwise. It’s becoming a bad cliche on the part of Apple and an insult to the intelligence of its users (which are accustomed to high quality products). I would rather have a great phone with no need to plug and charge less in than a day’s work than some new “eye candy” feature such as their new “3D touch”. I have been an iphone user since the first model to the latest (iphone 6plus) and I find myself having to plug the phone once I get in the car or at work or else run out of power before the end of the day. I would gladly pay good money for a phone I don’t have to run from charger to charger everywhere I go. Perhaps, I’m just a victim of age and having grown accustomed to being an Apple rebel, the crazy ones, the ones who recognize genius when seeing it, and not having to be told in hyperbole…

    1. It’s NOT a freaking stylus!!! Watch the presentation. And don’t drag Jobs into this, please. He would surely applaud this pen since it’s not needed to control the machine but formost for creative art. (Otherwise I’m all on your side when it comes to all hyperboles. “The most advanced iPhone/iPad etc” Of COURSE they would be. The day they can’t say that it’s time to close shop.

    2. I can’t believe your 6 plus doesn’t make it through the day! Have you looked into what processes are eating your battery? Location based apps and notifications are notorious (If you have already troubleshooted this I apologize)…my wife is rarely below 50% at the end of each day on her 6 plus and she’s a moderately heavy user…

    3. I quit reading your long post the moment you called the Apple Pencil a “stylus”. A stylus is a dumb piece of pointy plastic (with some conductive metal if it’s for an iPad). The Pencil is a high-tech electronic device that actively talks to the iPad. You simply could not do what the pencil does with your finger.

      When Jobs put down styluses, he wasn’t talking about something like the Pencil. He was also talking about the iPhone.


  3. As an an industrial designer with a bachelor degree from the industrial, Interior & Packaging Design School from The Rochester Institute of Technology, along with 25+ years in commercial, fine arts & large format printing this iPadPro is THE computer. It will only GET BETTER!

    Fuck You Naysayers. Mine will be on order in November.

    YKBAID!!! Pff

    1. What do industrial designers with a bachelor degree from the industrial, Interior & Packaging Design School from The Rochester Institute of Technology, along with 25+ years in commercial, fine arts & large format printing make these days?

  4. Wow, sansung must be really piss off with apple because they did not show up their pencil before so they can copy it and not release their stupid pencil that gets stuck in the phone for life.

  5. Big time…
    Now im looking forward at full fledged adobe potoshop level suit or similarly powerful apps and hopefully ( fingers crossed) some seriouse 3d modeling/ animation and rendering Apps 😀

  6. Someone with troll-like qualities on this blog commented that iPad Pro is way too expensive. Of course, stupid thinking like this is far too common.

    It made me pricey is the Surface. I thought, wait…isn’t Surface like $400?

    No. Surface 2 is, but the latest is $500…700…900.

    Clearly, MDN is surprised for a valid reason. $799 is super low!

    Part 2…said whiner also complained that iPad Pro ‘can’t even’ stand up, (no kickstand), and therefore would be a terrible *lap*top computer. As well as $99 and $169 for a pencil and keyboard being ridiculously overpriced, etc.

    WHEN will we see this kind of thinking die off?!

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