Gruber: Apple TV will define how all TVs will work in a few years

“Everything visible inside the Bill Graham Center was installed by Apple. Most of the structure was built just for the event. They even bought all the seating — you should probably contact Apple if you’re looking to buy theater seating,” John Gruber writes for Daring Fireball. “Effectively, Apple designed and built their own custom theater just for this event. It looked great. Especially the screen — that was the biggest and best screen I can recall at an Apple event. The acoustics and sound quality were excellent as well.”

“Apple TV is hot. I only got a brief period to play with it, but it seems fast, responsive, beautiful, and intuitive. It feels alive. If I worked at Apple I’d want to be on that team,” Gruber writes. “On first impression, it is everything I wanted to see. It sounds like a small talented team got to build the Apple TV they wanted to see and use themselves. There is a clarity and vision to the entirety of its design. I think it exemplifies the best of Apple.”

“The new Apple TV seems great for both video consumption and casual gaming,” Gruber writes. The MLB At Bat demo during the event was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not just because I’m a baseball fan, but because it presented a revolutionary way to watch live events, period.”

The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote and Apple TV App Store
The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote and Apple TV App Store

“I think Apple TV might be the most disruptive product from Apple since the iPhone,” Gruber writes. Not the most lucrative, necessarily, but the most disruptive — in the sense of defining how all TVs will work in a few years.”

Tons more observations to everything announced during yesterday’s Apple event – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Everything – except content subscriptions (coming soon, hopefully) and 4K streaming (the main reason to upgrade to the next model), that is.

Just to be clear: We’re onboard with everything else regarding Apple TV and will be procuring multiple 64GB units.

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  1. AppleTV has no interest for me until and unless it can compete successfully with Netflix, Ruko, Amazon Fire, and Google Nexus according to price, content, and accessibility. Also, I will not subscribe to Comcast at any cost and local ISPs are cheaper but services poorer. It Apple requires me to purchase internet access from unscrupulous or incompetent ISPs to use AppleTV then Apple is plain nuts.

  2. Did you check out the Keynote? It competes successfully with other devices by means of a superior interface. You can search across ALL content from one unit. Apps and games will further individualize the experience. I’m not sure what you are getting at regarding ISP…you will need one no matter what device you have. I did not see anything indicating that Apple limits or dictates what ISPs you can use…

    1. Apple could compete with Comcast, TimeWarner, ATT, etc. but apparently has chosen not to. Since I have resolved not to pay for services from Comcast, TimeWarner, ATT, etc. AppleTV is meaningless to me. I will not drive the car if I have to pay the toll, is this simple enough for you to understand?

        1. I gladly walk away. No point in spending my money on Apple’s version of Xbox or PlayStation. Apple is late to the party and I have zero interest in puerile pursuits of “gaming”. I have adult interests, unlike a majority of people here. Maybe one day you will grow up…maybe.

      1. Even early hunter-gatherers used playtime, humor and inclusive joking around to overcome the innate tendencies toward aggression and dominance. Play is necessary to make a cooperative society possible.

  3. 4K streaming would be “the main reason to upgrade to the next model”? If that’s the case, I guess any new Apple TV would be a failure because, really, 4K is for power viewers with huge expensive setups. The vast, vast majority of casual content consumers are still fine with 720p. Even with 1080p, you need a large screen and to sit close to get the full effect. At this point 4K is for people who can afford to drop a big wad on an expensive home theater (and people who will mentally convince themselves that their average-size TV looks better because 4000 is a bigger number than 1080).

    No, man, the reason to upgrade is the app store. It’s the games, or will be, once the developers get to work, and believe me, they will. It’s all the other cool apps that will be coming out. (And universal search will be pretty cool, too.)

    I am getting one of these as soon as I can.


  4. Does anyone think AppleTV should have been able to run all iOS games and apps without modifications? Is there really a good reason for AppleTV to run tvOS? As most companies are trying to get one OS to run everything, Apple is making forked-OS devices for itself.

    It would seem that if the iPod Touch can run iOS games and apps then shouldn’t AppleTV be able to do the same thing because the processors are the same? Apple is forcing developers to take an extra step to turn an iOS game or app into an tvOS game or app. Why?

    This isn’t a complaint. I honestly don’t get why Apple did this. I don’t see it as an advantage.

    1. The issue is interface. iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad all share a common interface (GUI).

      AppleTV’s interface is unique onto itself.

      Expanding on Gurman’s comment, [“I think Apple TV might be the most disruptive product from Apple since the iPhone,” Gruber writes. Not the most lucrative, necessarily, but the most disruptive — in the sense of defining how all TVs will work in a few years.”], I’d add that future content (traditional network programming) will migrate to tvOS and AppleTV distribution. Apple will help facilitate this migration along, by supplanting the networks as the financiers of the production companies, just as Netflix has started to do.

  5. “Apple TV will define how all TVs will work in a few years”

    This will define how all TV’s wish they could work like. Copying Apple is not as easy as it looks.

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