Macintosh conspicuously absent at Apple’s big event

“Nearly all of the lineup – Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad – got stage time at Apple’s product showcase on Wednesday,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The lone exception was the longest-standing Apple device, the Mac.”

“There was no word on a new Mac, just a passing mention of the new Mac OS X operating system, El Capitan,” Wakabayashi reports. “The Mac remains a strong and lucrative business, no doubt the most profitable PC line. In the most recent quarter ended June, Mac revenue grew 11% to $6.03 billion, making Apple the only one among the world’s top five PC makers with growing sales.

“At most companies, that would be enough to grab the spotlight, but every business at Apple now plays second fiddle to the iPhone – a profit-making juggernaut,” Wakabayashi reports. “Another factor is logistics. Last year, Apple held two new product events in the fall. The first one introduced the new iPhones, the Watch and Apple Pay. The second event was reserved for iPads and Macs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Likely, we’ll have to be content with press releases when it comes to new Macs for the rest of the year.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan will be released to the public on September 30th.


    1. Yeah, Apple needs more time to refine El Capitan in preparation for the next rendition of Macintosh. Yosemite was a total embarrassment. When Apple finally brings El Capitan up to speed Apple will show ’em, you can count on it.

        1. I’m sure you were not embarrassed, but Apple should have been. “Glitches” are evidence enough that Yosemite was not ready for prime time. “Glitches” are evidence of poor programming and testing. “Glitches” are evidence of haste and lack of attention to detail. Yes, “glitches” are an ambarassment. That’s why I wait at least three months before upgrading and why I haven’t yet installed Yosemite. I can wait.

      1. The times they are a changing. Doesn’t mean Mac is in the dog house, far from it…Mobile is the 24/7 flavor of the day now and all mobile devices report to and interface with the Mothership aka the Mac that controls the crown and the network .

    1. All those watch , iPhone and iPad apps were written on a Mac. iOS was developed from a subset of Mac OS X. Profits from the Mac kept Apple alive and paid for the R&I’d that brought us everything since.
      The current lineup of HW and SW is IMHO hurting the Mac. There needs to be something more flexible and powerful than the Mac mini but is not a $2k sealed box like the iMac.
      There is a good sized market for a headless MC that is more than a mini, but not a $3k Trashcan.
      How about a mini tower that runs Quad Core i7 Chips, can take expansion cards & memory upgrades and is not defined by styling- you know a work truck version of a desktop. Not designed for show- designed to be used.

    1. It’s going to take a lot more than yet another freebie OS upgrade to help the Mac. Upgradability is almost non-existant and that kills more computer hardware failures. It used to be HDD and RAM upgrades would help squeeze extra years out of a computer. Today RAM isn’t just not upgradeable, the top of the line BTO options are limited to half the RAM usable by the CPU. Proprietary SSDs don’t help muck either. Ever try to open an iMac? Take a good look at

      No, the Mac is not solid, it’s on a downward path that’s getting progressively steeper.

    1. That’s because WWDC is a developer conference with the emphasis on developing for an operating system (OS X for Macs and iOS for the ‘little stuff’ which includes watch OS and tvOS), not hardware. Any hardware mentions at WWDC is developer centric, such as related to Metal, new processors, etc.

  1. Conspicuously? Apple has been putting the Mac on the back burner for years. Other than retina displays, which were inevitable, the only big design changes were the Mac Pro and the new MacBook, both nothing more than showcases for Jony Ive’s industrial design prowess and have little to do with serious practicality.

    Macs have lost to iDevices in a big way and I don’t see the situation improving. It’s very sad.

  2. I didn’t expect Mac on the iPhone and iOS event

    I want an iPad Pro and the new phone BUT for Macs ..

    I still want:

    1) a mid tower headless mac between the $500 mini and the $3000 Mac Pro. Single workstation multicore processor, upgradable video card, upgradable ram. (Kept my old Cheese Grater Pro running for years by putting $100+ 3GB video card in it)

    Mid tower will encourage PC switchers who ‘don’t want to lose their monitors because they think they’ll lose their monitors’.

    larger user base = more developers = more apps like productivity, games

    2) Apple should increase their Mac advertising which is near non existent.
    Strong Mac completes their eco system and gives stability to Apple as it ties consumers more tightly in. The stock is so low because big investors think Apple is a ‘one product iPhone’ company, more Macs will lessen this idea.

    1. oops obvious typo ; “don’t want to lose their monitors because they think they’ll lose their monitors’.

      should be:
      “don’t want to lose their monitors because they think they’ll they need to get an iMac ’.

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