‘Steve Jobs’ review: Michael Fassbender is stunning in breathtaking, relentless biopic

“In Aaron Sorkin’s new film, directed by Danny Boyle and premiering at the Telluride Film Festival on Saturday, Steve Jobs goes from Apple inventor to Apple reject to Apple savior,” Sasha Stone writes for The Wrap.

“Those of us who grip our iPhones, type on our MacBooks, listen to our iTunes and tap on our iPads know the story of Apple. We know these beautiful items were credited after Jobs was brought back to save the company he’d co-founded from bankruptcy. We also know the withered cancer victim who fought back death until it finally carried him under,” Stone writes. “This film isn’t about that story. It isn’t about nature casually discarding even the most valued among us. As Bob Marley was quoted as saying, ‘All the money in the world can’t buy you a minute more of life.'”

“Boyle gives the film over to the writing and to the film’s lead performance, a stunning knockout by Michael Fassbender as Jobs,” Stone writes. “Boyle’s enthusiasm and zest for life, combined with Sorkin’s energy and verbal swordplay, make ‘Steve Jobs’ breathtaking and relentless at the same time.”

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  1. God Awful Trailer.

    1) Projects Jobs as an idiot : “Can’t hammer a nail”.
    2) The GUI was NOT stolen. Apple bought the tech via stock and then vastly improved Xerox’s ideas.
    3) Shows Jobs as an asshole and staff are smarter and have the last word like the God crack “someday tell us how you did it” (weird that in reality people like Ive and Cook would stick with him for years) and only succeeds because of mesmerized crazed foot stomping fanboys (which doesn’t explain how they sold 1 billion iOS devices, all brainwashed fanboys? ).

    The trailer distorts the truth and emphasizes the negative (like a trash tabloid) to sell tickets. If they

    sure hope the movie as the reviewer is gushing over is better.
    But if they can APPROVE a trailer like THAT I don’t have much hope.

    1. 1. The GUI WAS STOLEN by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates – “The Pirates of Silicon Valley, TNT TV” That’s why Apple sued them in the 1980s, and also was stated various times by media outlets and even former workers at Apple.

      2. Even Woz said that Jobs was an asshole to him and the staff. That was part of the driving force why Apple ousted Jobs when they did.

      1. 1) I don’t think the trailer refers to Msft stealing the GUI, it’s someone , I think Woz scolding Jobs for various things as well as stealing the GUI.

        2) Jobs was difficult to work with when he was younger granted but what I’m saying is that the Trailer ONLY emphasizes his bad traits thus giving a distorted figure (like a trailer of Ulysses Grant that ONLY shows him getting drunk) . He could be mean but often it he was just being blunt and had low tolerance for incompetence . And some people thought Jobs bluntness was a being an asshole but others didn’t. Go read Ken Segall’s book Insanely Simple. In the first chapter he says jobs critiqued Segall’s Ad work : the TV was great but the print he said was ‘shit’. Segall said that was not Jobs being mean as he continued talking in a calm way after that but was simply ‘cutting to the crux of the matter’, the work WAS inadequate and he didn’t WASTE TIME mincing it. That’s why his book was called ‘Insanely SIMPLE’ i.e cutting to the core (this is Apple’s philosophy in a nutshell) . Some people saw Jobs bluntness as assholesness, others not so much. Jobs calmed down a lot in his years in Pixar and Next, but the TRAILER does not mention this but like i said just pushes the negative bits.

        as for Jobs moving from Apple it’s a lot more complex than you put it. A big part was Jobs wanting to dump the Apple II line and focus on the Mac. But the board thought that the Apple ll line was the MONEY MAKER. Jobs was all into cannibalizing stuff to create new (think iPhone to iPod) . A large number of apple staffers joined Jobs at Next (so much for assholeness).

        CNN 2015:
        John sculley : “”I wish in hindsight I had reached back to Steve and told him, ‘I want to help you come back to Apple,'” Sculley told CNNMoney. “I wish Apple had hired him back sooner rather than later.”

        BTW: personally I wish there was some of Jobs ‘bluntness’ in dealing with issues of apple today like the Wifi problems (for months), the UI problems with Apple Music , the dumb downed Ad campaigns etc.

    2. Completely agree. The trailer does not bode well for the movie having any sense of accuracy or balance. It seems that it will make great theatre though as Fassbender is being praised left and right by those who saw the early version of the film. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach watching it.

  2. If you click through to the full review, be sure to read the comments. Pretty sure this was linked to on Drudge, because nearly ALL the comments bash Jobs and Apple and somehow connect Jobs to liberal Democrats (not that there’s anything wrong with liberal democrats per se, just that Jobs was not overtly political…

    1. I read all the comments. They expressed anger and intolerance in the rudest, most provocative manner. They were jarring in their dismissiveness of Jobs and of anyone who liked anything about the man, his politics or beliefs, Apple itself, or any of its products. The gentlest comments were spam offering high-paying jobs working at home. This morning I had to clean up a wasp-infested dog mess in the street, and I imagined it was left there by one of those commenters walking his mangy dog.

  3. I’m continually amazed by the perpetuation of historical falsehoods regarding Apple. Chief among them is the MYTH that Apple stole the GUI from Xerox. The truth is that Xerox was lead by a bunch of bozos who looked down on anything that wasn’t a Xerox copier. Xerox owned one of the premier research facilities in the U.S., the Palo Alto Research Center, aka PARC? It churned out dozens of technology advancements, but Xerox leadership (housed 2500 miles away in upstate New York) couldn’t be bothered.
    After viewing a demonstration of the PARC GUI, Apple negotiated a $1,000,000 deal to acquire it from Xerox, Apple made many, many improvements to it before releasing the first Macintosh in 1984.

    The GUI interface in the Mac/OS was not stolen, unless you consider the paltry amount that Apple paid for it an act of theft. I think of the price as taking advantage of someone else’s (Xerox leadership) stupidity.

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