iPad Pro runs full-sized side-by-side apps; keyboard and stylus sold separately

“The base model of iPad Pro will likely ship with 64GB of storage, which is substantially more space than the 16GB base models of the iPad Air and iPad mini lines. Apple will also sell a pricier 128GB model,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“As with the iPad Air and Mini lines, the Pro will be available with built-in LTE capabilities. We’re told that the pricing of the highest-end iPad Pro versions with LTE chips will compare closely to Apple’s latest MacBooks,” Gurman reports. “As the iPad Pro will support a new Apple-designed Bluetooth keyboard, customers may have a tough choice in the $1,000+ price range when looking for either a large-sized iPad or small-sized MacBook.”

“We have been told that the 12.9-inch display is a ‘monster,'” Gurman reports. “To give it truly ‘Pro’ capabilities, the iPad Pro’s landscape split-screen mode will be bolstered to allow two full-sized portrait iPad apps to be displayed… Apple has decided not to bundle the iPad Pro with either the new Force Touch-integrated iPad stylus or keyboard. These accessories will be sold separately.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We long expected to face a real conundrum when it comes time to replace our 11-inch MacBook Air road machines. MacBook or iPad Pro? We’ve used iPads and iPad Air models on the road in the past, but given the choice, we’ve always reached for our MacBooks first. Now, with iOS 9 multitasking on iPad Air 2, it’s no longer such a clear choice. We’re interested to see if that situation might change dramatically with iPad Pro. We suspect it will.

As we wrote back in June: “We have to test it, but this potentially changes the equation for many – and for Apple in terms of Mac and iPad sales. If these major workflow improvements get a certain type of user to the point where they no longer immediately grab their MacBooks over their iPad Air 2 or *gasp!* even need a MacBook… Whoa!”


  1. With no OS X it’s not a “pro” product. It’s just an oversized iPad. Give it an OS capable of running desktop programs with enough RAM and storage to support those programs and then it will be worthy to be called an iPad Pro.

      1. No. That would be combining a toster with the refridgerator. It could be done, but it would be fairly pointless.

        What you are looking for can be found in Microsoft’s Surface (the device collecting dust on BestBuy shelves). There is a reason very few people end up actually happy with them: they are neither a powerful computer (MacBook Pro), nor a usable tablet (iPad). The functionality and purpose of two devices is not exactly overlapping much.

        You either have a computer with heft and limited battery life, or you have a lightweight tablet that works for days without charge. You don’t really get both.

      1. Not unless the Macbook could convert to a tablet. There’s a big difference between a tablet and a laptop. I would think that would be obvious!

        For a tablet to replace a laptop it must be able to run desktop software or it will NEVER be a replacement. Apps just don’t compare to desktop software.

        My iPhone 6+ resulted in my iPad collect dust. If Apple comes out with a real iPad Pro then I can see my MBP collecting dust.

        1. But you are answering a different question, that he did not directly pose. He said it would ‘then be a Macbook’ which is a very sensible reply be it with a tad of creative licence.

          After all the biggest growing segment at present among pcs are combo tablet/laptop devices. However though I like the concept when I and my partner looked to buy her one seemingly cheapish, you realise to create a workable package that remotely compares to a laptop it is actually more expensive that a pure laptop of similar capability and thus looks far less desirable. Indeed customer use ratings backed that up. It would have been less capable than a Macbook with little saving in weight and the only advantage would be that you could use the screen segment as a basic tablet but in all honesty neither would compare well with an iPad or Macbook so you are compromised what ever way you turn. Fine for some with specific if relatively limited needs with base needs, but would have struggled with so called ‘desktop applications’ especially in a year or so.

          Until Apple can produce something better and truly effective in both configurations than the present oposition at a reasonable price then a Mac OS tablet combo would be less useful than one or the other especially as the most compact Macbook compares very well with for example a Surface 3 with its keyboard which most people use with it anyway in a very poor laptop clone. A lowest common denominator solution is not the answer for most people especially those needing true desktop applications.

  2. Multitasking is nice for certain things, but to me the most important new feature is the ability to manage your iCloud files, save files to the iCloud folder, and the ability “Choose” files stored in the iCloud folder for uploading onto websites. This alone was what previously prevented me from being able to type up a paper for college, and upload it to my online classroom portal. I had no way of uploading a file from an iPad until iOS 9 Beta. Why did it take so long? Oh well, at least now it’s a more believable laptop replacement. That was the most enormous thing holding it back.

  3. Can’t say I’m surprised, wouldn’t expect anything more from Tim Cook.

    Feels like the one port Macbook all over again.

    A giant iPad but if you want a bluetooth keyboard or a stylus that’ll cost you royally. Funny how these accessories already exist for the regular iPads.

    I’m just surprised it wont start with only 16GB of RAM. If Apple is starting with 64 you know this thing will cost a fortune. Still no mouse support in iOS… feels like 2010.

    Just please don’t use the word “Pro” to associate with this product. In my opinion, it will fare no better than the Uniport Macbook as a niche product at best!

      1. Right. Bring mouse support to the iPad and then it will fell like 1984!

        Steve Jobs took pains to deliver us from the ergonomic nightmares of the mouse. I sincerely hope Cook isn’t going to takes right back into it.

  4. Nobody can deny that iPad, since its introduction has revoltionized the world of computing and that everyo e using an iPad has cut down substantially on desktop amd laptop usage as a result.

    iPad Pro will add many long desired and essential featuresfand acccesories for graphic, design, photography, education and enterprise/ professional users , that will make it a bedrock device.

    IPad – The Revolution Evolves

      1. Qualify yourself as an everyday rounded user and your opinion may be considered valid, otherwise you’re probably the everyday Facebook, game playing android dd that wouldn’t know the difference between professional computer aided, enhanced productivity and the value of time wasted pm android crap.

  5. MDN and others who do a lot of writing for their work an iPad is not the tool for you. For those who travel a lot the new MacBook is. The fact that you don’t have to take a power brick with you is brilliant, but no one brings up that fact. The iPad pro will be for people who don’t don’t do a text. Musicians, photographers, videographers, painters, drafters, sales persons, nurses, farmers, construction workers, and mechanics can benefit from a better iPad. MS has been making tables with keyboards for over a decade and have not been able to sell them. If you need a keyboard you don’t need a tablet, stop believing MS’s BS and start believing Steve Jobs’s brilliance. Write about the work that can be done with tables, there is a large audience you are missing.

    1. For some its useful but themas an accessory you can have it if you want so no need to sell it with the iPad when the majority do not need it. Same with the pen, people don’t seem to realise this isn’t just going to be any old pen, that would be mostly pointless with an iPad it is clearly going to have substantial functionality that will be extremely useful for some especially those in various professional positions that this is aimed at. But yes not every one will need or want it and I suspect because it isn’t any old pen it won’t be cheap so why would Apple force people to have it.

  6. From a personal use standpoint I would love an iPad Pro – even bigger than 12″. From a pure design concepting and sketching POV the iPad is unreal.
    a bigger one would be a no brainer for that.
    My daily programs are all tied to Adobe Creative Suit. Particularly Illustrator and Photoshop. They would have to re-program the whole suite to suit touch inputs from finger and maybe stylus simultaneously for any of them to be productive I think.

    Working all day on a touchscreen like that? not sure.

    One thing I do know is my 4S is getting replaced!

    Looking forward to tomorrows announcements.

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