Kate Winslet on ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic: ‘Sorkin makes it almost not about Steve Jobs at all’

Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s selective biopic, ran a painfully public gauntlet to production, riddled with false starts, jettisoned stars, and even a supporting role in the Sony-hack saga,” Boris Kachka reports for Vulture. “Among its most interesting and salutary turns was Kate Winslet’s 11th-hour casting as Joanna Hoffman, the brunette Eastern European–born marketing guru who speaks truth to Jobs’s charismatic power. ”

“After lobbying producer Scott Rudin with an emailed photo of herself in a wig, Winslet disappeared into Hoffman, opposite Michael Fassbender’s Jobs, over the course of a whirlwind series of long, intricate scenes,” Kachka reports. “She regaled us with the backstory and more during preparations for another chaotic production, a dinner party at home in England.”

What did you learn about Apple and Jobs before and during the shoot?
Winslet: Sorkin makes it almost not about Steve Jobs at all. It’s about how that man has 100 percent dictated how we all live our lives today and how we function as people. The film is about all of us, and all of us today, not in ’84 or ’88 or ’98. I mean, look at us all — how we function. You look at a lot of toddlers today, they’ll pick up any screen of any kind, and they don’t push a button, they swipe. It’s horrifying but kind of extraordinary, and that is Steve Jobs. As a parent of a small child, it’s alarming. I remember the days of rotary phones. I’m 39 years old, so it wasn’t that long ago.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re hoping it’s the work of art that Steve Jobs’ legacy deserves.

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  1. “Horrifying” and “alarming” how toddlers can easily use technology. I wonder if she’d have felt that way about light-switches at the turn of the twentieth century.

    1. She’s talking about change and how quickly it takes over your perceived way of doing things. At some stage in our lives nearly all of us have such awakenings and very often sudden awareness that only in a moment looking back in chunks usually a decade or two, makes you truly aware of the great changes that have taken place over that time without you barely noticing along the way. Doing a film like this must certainly have had that effect on her and its good to hear in this particular case.

  2. Kate Winslet – horrifying and alarming indeed. That and the trailer we saw a month or so ago gives me grave doubts about this movie. I will not watch it until every last MDN regular has posted here that’s it’s a great movie.

    1. Don’t you just hate those loose modern agers? They should get their things together rather than leaving them all loose. I think they will tend to lose in the modern age.

      On the other hand, there is a whole set of losers who self identify as conservatives. To conserve things is to keep them the same. Conservatives are the most afraid of change and oppose it every time. They want things to go back to 1910 when Walt Disney froze time and thought that that was the best time the world will ever see.

      1. I mostly get hit with lose loose, because it’s not Win Wynn. It seems to be on my phone and while I am out and about. I am glad you are so smart to understand what I meant and point it out to me. Because I really do care, no matter how shitty it makes me feel or that I can’t do anything about it. Nice job.

          1. It’s not that simple, and you should know better.

            I don’t have a ton of time to hover over my phone. And the software adds errors. It’s less helpful then not having autocorrect at all, when you are in a hurry. What I write and how how I do it, should not have an impact on whether I should or should not say anything at all or the words I choose.

            Likewise the idiosyncrasy a of English spelling should also not matter. As long as I know the word, it’s meaning and context, it should be good enough for you and everyone else.

            Your comments are unappreciated.

            There are well educated people who say that we should do away with capitalization. It doesn’t add any knowledge to the document. Punctuation, however does.

            So put that with the rest of your dictionary and smoke it. I am not against spelling correctly. I am against rude behavior in publicly correcting someone else’s text, especially when all we write around here is crappy jibber jabber.

            1. OK Gollum, I can lower my expectations of you due to your limitations and ‘special needs’. Sorry to hope that people will strive for excellence like Apple does.

              I know that you can blame the equipment also. It’s not your fault, it’s someone else’s fault.

            2. Why don’t you register an account and stick with it? Why so many different names? See, you are being rude again.

              I am just explaining how it happens. You are acting so smug. Lower expectations. Why not just keep it to yourself. Spelling in this forum and context has nothing to do with Apple, quality or work ethic.

              Troll somewhere else.

  3. She’s shocked that a toddler can somewhat figure out an iPad? Look upcats using iPads on youtube, and you’ll realize how much Apple hit upon the natural usage pattern of a touch screen.

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