Apple Mail: Get rid of those unwanted email address that pop up when composing new email

“After using Apple Mail for a few years you may have noticed that, when adding contacts to a new email message, a long list of email addresses appears,” Jeffery Battersby writes for Macworld.

“Some of these may be in your address book, but it’s often the case that these names are people you haven’t sent messages to in years or that you emailed once, but have no intention of emailing ever again,” Battersby writes. “Apple’s Mail app, for the sake of convenience, collects the names of everyone you send email to so you don’t have to chase down an email addresses for people who aren’t in your Contacts app.”

“It’s a nice feature, but may make addressing email messages a little messy after a few years go by,” Battersby writes. “Fortunately, you have a couple of options for cleaning up the mess.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mail users, clean that mess up!


  1. After years of petitioning Apple, I see that IOS 9 lets you email to a group when you begin typing its name. Doesn’t tell you the name of the group, though. Come on Apple – do the job properly!

  2. If you have contacts with multiple email addresses, does Mail default to the last sent address for that contact or can you make one address the primary address in Contacts?

  3. With every updated version of OS X, I do a clean install. One of the most annoying results is the ‘re-population’ of “old” – and I mean old – e-mail addresses which I haven’t used in years under Previous Recipients. I don’t care how many times I delete these e-mail addresses, whether from the Remove from List button to Remove Address for the To line, they come back like a bad memory. Does anyone have any idea how to permanently delete them? Or is Apple keeping them for the NSA! This function seems to be broken much like the Junk Mail filtering options under Preferences which haven’t worked for the last two OSs. I continue to get junk mail no matter what settings I use or how many times I mark it as junk. If Apple isn’t going to fix these options, then it should delete them rather than pretending that they actually work. Ironic, isn’t it? “It just doesn’t work”!

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