Best Buy CEO: Apple Watch demand is ‘so strong’ that we’re expanding sales to all 1,050 stores

“Best Buy continued its remarkable turnaround last quarter, with a big assist from Apple,” Phil Wahba reports for Fortune. “The largest U.S. electronics retailer reported a rise in domestic comparable sales of 3.8% for the second quarter, well ahead of Wall Street’s expectations, and posted a better than expected profit.”

“While Best Buy has helped its cause by cutting costs and adding floor space to growing categories like smart homes, home theaters, and shops-within-a-shop for top brands, it has also been getting a lot of help from Apple and its roster of red-hot products,” Wahba reports. “‘Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online,’ Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly told Wall Street analysts on a conference call. The retailer expects to be selling the device, which hit the market in June, at all of its 1,050 big-box stores by the end of September, he added. ”

“Initially, Best Buy had planned to have watches in 300 stores by the holiday season. (It started selling the watches in early August),” Wahba reports. “Apple did not provide specific sales numbers for the watch in its second-quarter earnings last month, but Best Buy’s comments provide more evidence of the device’s success.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID, so YKBAID.

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  1. I never said it wouldn’t initially sell well, simply because of the equity of the  name…but in the long run, it is merely a $400 iPhone peripheral and it will never, ever be the megahit of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

    1. Botv, you may be correct “as is” but if the AW incorporates half of what’s been speculated re: med and health, I believe you will dine on your words.
      I think there’s a Stanford connection that will one day show itself in this realm. I’ll continue to speculate and say that a recent Stanford 25% uptick in AAPL is related.

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