Dark Sky the most popular third-party Apple Watch app by far

“More than 1,300 Apple Watch owners completed the Wristly Apple Watch survey this week.

“We have polled our panel 3 times on their favorite third party Apps over the last few months and the trio of winners hasn’t changed. D​ark Sky remains the crowd favorite with almost twice as many votes as the second place App,” Wristly reports. “Overcast and Fantastical have been jockeying for the #2 spot, and this time around Overcast takes that honor! Worth noting is that ‘Weather App’ is by far the most frequently cited category with others including AccuWeather, CarrotWeather and WeatherChannel being frequently cited too.”

“As expected by many, and based on its form factor, the Apple Watch is indeed not a device appropriate for the consumption of a whole lot of media type content,” Wristly reports. “Listening a bit to music and the odd podcast is the only activity that shows any regular usage for a representative segment of the panel. Almost 30% of you listen to music on a weekly basis and about 16% to podcasts.”

“About 30% of you have decided to use a bluetooth connected headset with your Apple Watch,” Wristly reports. “Not surprisingly, this cohort of user shows a much higher likelihood of listening to music/podcast. Almost half of this cohort – at 46% do listen to streaming music. Over 99% of you are aware of Apple Music – this speaks to the marketing power of Apple. Of those, a whopping 71% have started a trial. The remaining 28% either are not interested at all in streaming music (17%) or are currently happy with an alternative solution. When we analyze the cohort of the 71% of our users who’ve started a trial of Apple Music, only 10% have decided that they would not buy it, 55% claiming that they will buy it and 35% remain undecided.”

Source: Wristly

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  1. Great App! MDD, check out the Epic Blue Tooth earbuds by JLab, only $99, Great sound, 10 hour battery life, and water resistant. Would love to see your review.

  2. I liked Dark Sky for the iPhone UNTIL they changed their forecast from a horizontal format to a vertical format. Left->right fits well with the flow of a day; up and down not so much. Don’t know what it looks like on an Apple Watch, though.

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