Mystery company books San Francisco’s massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium through September 13th

“SFPD officers and private security guards stand at intervals, patrolling the perimeter of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Sidewalks on two sides of the venue are inaccessible to pedestrians,” Andrew Dudley reports for Hoodline. “Enormous power generators are stationed on the Larkin Street side of the building, occupying a lane of parking spots. And all anyone will say publicly is that the building will be closed for a ‘private event’ for the better part of a month.”

“What exactly is going on here?” Dudley wonders. “One security guard we chatted with yesterday would only say that the venue will be closed until September 13th for a private event. “Applications filed with the Planning Department chalk the activity up to a ‘trade show’ which will purportedly run from Sept. 4th until the 10th. Yet not only do those dates span the Labor Day holiday, which would be unusual for a trade show, but we could find no other evidence of a trade show, conference, convention, or other event planned for the venue during those dates.”

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium "Star" logo in window proposal
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium “Star” logo in window proposal

“There’s one more clue in the Planning Department documents,” Dudley reports. “Four windows on the Grove Street side of the building will be removed to make way for a 15-foot-tall fiberboard logo, which will hang on the exterior of the building, and may be very oddly shaped.”

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Anh Le, in a leter to Beyond Chron writes, “I initially thought that this entourage of police and security guards was for a movie filming project. I hear that it would be for a 3-days truck unloading job at the Auditorium, and that Apple will hold an event there to introduce a new product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium has a maximum capacity of 7,000. The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where Apple has launched many new products (most recently the revolutionary 12-inch MacBook along with Apple Watch pricing and launch dates), has a maximum seating capacity of 757.


  1. Was once in San Fran at a very high end Hotel where Joe Biden booked an entire floor. There was tons of security both SS and SFPD for days. Had to show ID all the time, was a real pain. I understand Biden loves San Fran. I think this will be huge Obama like Rally to announce he is running for President. The rumor is it is to be announced post Labor day.

          1. I have little regard for Obama. He’s trying to pull off the biggest We The Corporations screw job on the USA in history via TPP and TTIP ‘treaties’. Nuts and Clowns come from the extremes of any imaginary 1 dimensional political spectrum. I think we’d all prefer someone with a brain in their head who made sense and actually REPRESENTED We The People for a change.

    1. Why do you folks take every subject – in this case, Apple planning a product release and trying to keep it secret – and turn it into a completely useless political thread that neither informs nor entertains. None of you are going to change your minds, and it is doubtful that you will change anyone else’s minds on this forum, either. So Find somewhere else to vent your political frustrations so that I don’t have to scroll endlessly to locate interesting posts by people who actually want to discuss Apple.

  2. Who knew? Not only did Bill Graham have a positive affect on this nation and many of its leaders through prayer and scripture, but he also promoted the Who, Janis, and The Allman Brother’s Band among many, many others!!!

    1. “Billy Graham had a positive affect on this nation and many of its leaders through prayer and scripture”???

      Bill Graham was jewish:
      As a baby was sent from Germany and, in 1941, from France to escape the Holocaust. – Wikipedia

      Billy Graham had a detrimental affect on the nation and televangelism and political policy. His pocket were filled by the poor and set the tone for others to follow.

      1. Well, at least you got your name right.

        You are clueless in not recognizing Billy Graham wasn’t a typical ‘televangelist’. There are several President’s of both parties who could testify to this.

        And you are confused in not recognizing humor. Do you really think someone thought the Preacher to the Presidents also booked The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

        Good God, you really are clueless and confused.
        What a pathetic SJW you’ve try to be…..

          1. Actually, it should have been ‘several Presidents from both parties’.

            Odd that, considering what goes on around here and that I was using ridiculousness as humor (both men were so different yet had the same name) you choose THAT to (try) to correct.

            1. Actually, presidents is correct, at least according to Associated Press style, which is followed by most newspapers and many other publications. As a title, it’s only capitalized if with a name. It’s President Ronald Reagan, but Reagan is a former president.

            2. Yes, I see that now.

              We were always taught if it were in *reference* to a President of the United States, you capitalize, but I guess the ways of respect in the South are coming to an end.

      2. Yeah, seriously do some homework on Billy Graham and his associated ministries. Not every minister with a large public profile lives or leads a life similar to your accusation.

        I don’t think he even asks for funds on TV, if that’s what your issue may be.

      3. You think Billy Graham is a rich man? You think he was a televangelist? LOL LOL LOL. No, son. You don’t know the first thing about the man. But by all means, continue to show us your ignorance. I need a good laugh.

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