New details about next iPhone and iPad’s ‘A9’ chip emerge

“Interesting tidbits regarding Apple-designed ‘A9’ chip said to power the upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ handsets surfaced Monday, offering some previously unknown details regarding its performance and design,” Christian Zibreg reports for Digital Trends. “An alleged iPhone 6s schematics suggests the A9 will adopt the SiP (System in Package) architecture. The Apple Watch is Apple’s first mobile product to incorporate SiP design which squeezes an entire computer architecture onto a single chip.”

“In addition to tighter integration through the use of the SiP engineering process, the source of the leaked schematics says the A9 chip is fifteen percent smaller than the A8 processor inside the current iPhones,” Zibreg reports. “This is almost certainly due to the chip being fabbed on TSMC and Samsung’s 14-nanometer process technology, as opposed to the 20-nanometer process used in the manufacture of the current-generation A8 chip.”

The China Times first reported in March that more than half of the internal hardware of the next iPhone will be bundled in a SiP module, with the A9 reportedly built using the ‘Integrated fan-out wafer-level packaging’ (InFO-WLP) process.,” Zibreg reports. “The A9 and A9X chips for new iPhones and iPads, respectively, appear to be quite speedy. The A9 allegedly scored 2,090 points on a single-core CPU test and 3,569 points on a multi-core test. The A9X yielded 2,109 and 5,101 points, respectively. That’s quite a performance jump versus the existing A8’s scores…”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is shaping up to be a very interesting “S” year for iPhone and for next-gen iPads with high-performance, desktop-class processors, advanced multitasking, Force Touch and more. We can’t wait to upgrade!

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  1. I think the engineering that goes into our technology is far more fascinating that the final product. It’s amazing how advanced and sophisticated this stuff is, and to have it work nearly flawlessly for years…. truly amazing.

      1. iPhone 2030x, we are going to have to talk.

        You know that thing? That thing that happened last night? It didn’t happen.

        Yes yes, you were in the room with us, but when she picked you up and had you start recording, some things just have to be forgotten.

        Look, I have a present for you…


  2. With AppleTV, that A9 is going to be immediately compared to those behemoth custom processors in the $400 PS4 and Xbox One consoles and the A9 is going to come up short in the spec department. I know how writers like to make these lopsided comparisons.

  3. Unless Apple can make a BETTER chip than Intel, I would like to see an Intel based I-Pad.
    And it should be a DOUBLE SCREEN (top and Bottom).
    Sales have been said to have gone down on iPad , because of people buying the phone. BUT people are also saying…..
    why should I buy this iPad thing, when I can buy a MAC laptop.

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