What September’s new iOS 9-based Apple TV is likely to deliver

“Apple plans to hold one of its annual fall media events on Wednesday, September 9th to introduce the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with Force Touch, and after many fits and starts, it appears that the long-awaited next-generation Apple TV will also be unveiled,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Earlier this year, Apple had locked in a June WWDC debut for both the new Apple TV hardware and software upgrades, but the company ultimately decided to delay the introduction until the fall,” Gurman reports. “While some had speculated that the announcement was pushed back due to a lack of content deals, we are told that the delay was internally attributed to a concern over compromising iOS 9 engineering resources, as the latest OS release is focused at least as much on polish as on new features.”

“According to sources, this new Apple TV model, codenamed J34, will be the first model to run a full-blown iOS core,” Gurman reports. “Specifically, the new Apple TV operating system will be a TV-optimized version of iOS 9. In addition to the new hardware inside, running iOS 9 will give the new Apple TV a series of benefits over the current model.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: According to Gurman, the new Apple TV will not launch with Apple’s long-in-the-works Cable TV replacement service. After reading about everything else that the next-gen Apple TV will offer, does the delay decrease your interest or not?


  1. Rumour has it it will just use the A8 processor. Since the iPhone 6S will have the A9 and battery is not an issue for the Apple TV – can anyone tell me why they’re not going for the better processor?

  2. Without live content (sports) as well as a much better UI to browse content, and a DVR….meh. Having a bunch of separate apps that have different UI’s isn’t that interesting. The TiVo interface and learning what I might like seems to work well for me right now.

    The entire TV/cable/video industry is going through a painful change. And it seems awfully slow when we’re in the midst of experiencing it.

  3. If this turns into a legit gaming console where kids (and adults) can buy games for a few bucks, it will a huge success. Also, I think the new remote could be cool too as game controller and for home kit smart home purposes…

  4. I still haven’t cut the cable – mainly because of Fox News. So until they come up with a cut-the-cable package that I need a new Apple TV for, there is no reason for me to purchase it. I’m also not a video game player – I’m an occasional facetime-on-the-TV user.

  5. I already have an Apple TV that does everything I want and you all cant forget that I am the consumer that apple is after, not the techie ones like yourselves. Yes I read macdaily but overall I closer to avg consumer than most of you.
    So, noiw that its out of the way, here is what I have discussed with my friends that already owned or are thinking about buying a new Apple TV. If it doesnt have 4K is a non-buy for us. Why to stay in 1080p when most of us have already invested in 4K monitors and televisions?
    No, it will be a big disappointment if Apple do not turn 4K on with the ne Apple TV. But again, they have to do what they do.
    But in my case, if Roku streams 4K sooner than Apple TV, I will buy one.
    As much as I like my little Apple TV, it is not the name that sells me but the quality of my resolution content. All other things, like having ios, native apps, etc., really? What does that do if you still cant watch the beautiful stuff on my TV and PC?

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