I own two $6,000 Swiss watches, but I wear my Apple Watch most of the time

“I am just a regular sales guy, happily married and blessed with two daughters of 7 weeks and 3 years old. And just so you can put this article into perspective: besides being a father of two young children, I am a business man so I constantly receive some form of communications during the day which I usually answer from either my desk or my car (handsfree of course),” Musicwatches blogs. “I am not into sports (does golf or brisk walking count?) so my fitness goals are not very ambitious. At home I use the entire Apple ecosystem, and I happen to be a Swiss watch collector.”

“Starting with the latter: I am the proud owner of a duo of beautiful Swiss handmade mechanical watches. I have the renowned workhorse Rolex 16600 Sea Dweller (40 mm 2008 model, made of high grade 904L stainless steel), that can take you anywhere to 4000 feet below sealevel. And on the other side of the ‘Swiss Made’ spectrum: a beautiful and complex dress watch: my Christiaan van der Klaauw 40mm Ariadne watch with several astronomical complications… If one ownes two of the most beautiful and iconic watches ever created by man, why would one take interest in an Apple Watch?,” Musicwatches blogs. “Living in The Netherlands, I had the privilige of pondering this question between April 24th (launch in de US) and July 17th (launch in The Netherlands). After several weeks of meticulously reading all MDN reviews of the Apple Watch I was absolutely convinced I was no early adopter and I would wait for Apple Watch 2. That would definately bring me more possibilities, better design, more speed (native apps) and an even better design with hopefully more sensors. Until I ran into the perfect opportunity of purchasing the watch below retail price (hey, I am still Dutch after all). I basically would be able to try it for a about 2 months, sell it again and still make a profit ;-)). So there was no risk whatsoever for me to try it on and give it a shot. And boy, was I in for a treat…”

“Yesterday, on Day 21 After Purchase, I considered for the first time in 21 days to change my watch. I put on my Rolex, had breakfast with my girls, and before getting into my car, ran upstairs to change watches in favour of the Apple Watch,” Musicwatches blogs. “Say what?! I was genuinely flabbergasted. How on earth could I let down my companion-for-years-Rolex in favour of a watch that I had used for just three weeks? What did Tim Cook and his team cook up that was so enticing and all-consuming, even measured by industry standards and market leaders? Well, here’s the secret…”

“The Apple Watch is not a timepiece jewel like my other high end Swiss watches are. It is unfair for both to even consider comparing them or to compete against each other. Just like an old wind-up alarm clock and a Macbook both tell time, they are nowhere even close to being the same device. The only thing the Apple Watch and my Swiss Duo have in common, and that may prove to be kind of a thing: they compete for the same wrist time! As it turns out, I have more need for a Personal Life Assistant (PLA) on my wrist than just a watch, even such beautiful and reliable ones as my Swiss watches,” Musicwatches blogs. “And Apple cleverly designed the Watch in a way that your wrist just happens to be the best place for their ‘most personal device yet.’ And why? What is the ‘killer app?’ Well for me, there is none specific. Just like it has been written a lot on MDN, the Watch is a well thought-of combination of functionalities you will need in your personal life… my Apple Watch with its excellent mix of build quality, design, reliability and functionality has managed to take up at least 80% of my wrist time in less then a month, and it will likely continue to do so for many more months to come. A remarkable achievement.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

We do not foresee anyone wanting to take off their Apple Watch in order to wear a “jewelry watch.” Apple Watch is not just a watch to be replaced with another regular watch. Maybe wearing two watches in come into vogue for special occasions?MacDailyNews Take, April 16, 2015

Here’s what makers of Swiss or any other watches should do: Push the idea of wearing of two watches, one on each wrist or two on one wrist, into vogue. Because once people start using Apple Watch, they aren’t going to want to leave it at home. Ever. They won’t want to go to dinner parties without their Apple Watch. And that’s bad, bad news for watchmakers not named Apple. Watch and see.MacDailyNews Take, April 16, 2015

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  1. Had my black sport with black leather strap for a month now. Best device ever.

    It’s the little things. Like when you have your iPhone unlocked and using it your watch stays quiet. Only when your iPhone is locked does it tap you when a message comes in.

    Best device I’ve ever owned.

  2. I own an 18k Rolex Yachtmaster. One evening several months ago I set an alarm on my iPhone for 1:30am. Most of you can figure out the motive. My Apple Watch arrived on day one. On that day, I was convinced this new little trinket would be great fun. Little did I know it would forever relegate my prized Rolex to the jewelry box. But, it did.

  3. Wearing a second watch, possible functionalities:

    1) jewelry (odd, but ok)
    2) in case you need to deep sea dive (um, 0.1 % of pop.)
    3) future: it contains a utility / tool — knife, toothpick, spare phone charger, I dunno…screwdriver?
    4) time keeping failover for Apple watch battery (silly)

  4. It’s a nice story, but all have different purposes. I’m sure the resale values will all be different, too.

    The biggest problem is Wall Street doesn’t see Rolex going out of business like Apple. Rolex was founded in 1905 and will likely be around for another century. Apple’s lifetime is being measured in quarter-year periods.


    1. They weathered the quartz movement revolution and I’m sure they will do the same with the Apple Watch. After all the years I’ve frequented this site I still don’t understand the attitude of wanting anything and everything that Apple doesn’t manufacture or sell to fail or become obsolete.

      The numbskulls here don’t give a shit how many jobs are lost or lives destroyed as long as they can wave their latest Apple gizmo and decry how everyone else is an ignorant cretin who doesn’t deserve to exist. What a bunch of pompous assholes.

      1. Wow. That’s a LOT of animosity toward an inanimate object and human beings as well. Perhaps it would help if you were to run upstairs and have your mommy change your diaper.

        Steve Jobs said that one of his favorite quotes was from Henry Ford, who said, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they would’ve said a faster horse”. But since you, dear Not for me, prefer backward thinking, I want to know if you carry around a 100kg/220lb sundial to use as a timepiece. I mean, really, that’s when they REALLY made timepieces — right?

      2. tsk, tsk, tsk, your comment displays an overwhelming dearth of logic, empathy, common sense, and intelligence. You see, Apple is one of the world’s largest employers… on several continents, in many diverse cultures and geographic locations, they are renown for their ethical management, bringing economic relief to these various locations. They are well known to be good sheperds of the ecology, providing some of the best benefits to both employees and the ecological well being of our planet. They make fantastic products, and have allowed many across the globe to gain a measure of financial freedom. So, If, as you seem to wish, Apple goes out of business, what happens to it’s tens of thousands of employees, their families, their financial futures? Or, is it that you are only concerned about non-Apple employees? Does your fanatical, illogical, hatred really run that deep? You are writing your comment on a piece of technology that since its inception has displaced many jobs, and yet, people are still employed, their families managed to weather that displacement, and for many, if not most, the tech advance opened doors to a brighter financial future. So please take a moment and get a grip! Just cause we like Apple products doesn’t make us any less worthy of life than you, or those of your ilk. As far as I can tell, you sir, may be the only pompous numbskull commenting here.

        1. I’m not talking about Apple you imbecile. I own their products because I think for the most part they are the best for the money. I’m talking about people here, like you, that think Apple is, and should be, the only friggin’ choice available. As for my “dearth of intelligence”, try reading what I said with the comprehension skills of an eight year old and you just might get it.

          1. “I’m talking about people here, like you, that think Apple is, and should be, the only friggin’ choice available.”

            If there is anyone here that believes that, I think they are a tiny minority. A much more widespread view is that Google and Samsung should never have stolen from Apple, should stop doing so now, and deserve to lose the business based on that ongoing theft.

            And by the way, take your tranks and lose the “belligerent asshole” language.

            1. “If there is anyone here that believes that, I think they are a tiny minority.”

              Not only that… there are many here who frequently PRAISE competition, who see it as invaluable.

              So the central point of your nasty ravings ‘Not for me’ is complete nonsense.

          2. usually its those who have to resort to adolescent name calling, and feel the need to lump an entire segment of society into neatly categorized slots so that they can more clearly see their superiority that need to re-examine their world view, and it seems in your case that model holds ever true. But my point still holds… we live in a global economy, so, jobs will be lost whenever advances in tech, or the preferences of the masses change, or for various other societal upheavals, NOBODY! buys Apple products hoping that non-Apple users lose their jobs and spiral into financial ruin,…. the label and category your previous rant ascribed to all wishing for Apples success, or, on a greater scale, to those promoting further inroads for technology. The author clearly stated that he had resolved this issue by pursuing tech while at the same time acknowledging the artisc value of the past artisans, you, however took it upon yourself to condemn those of us desirous of future inroads for technology. An lest you forget, you were talking about Apple…. I quote you here;
            “The numbskulls here don’t give a shit how many jobs are lost or lives destroyed as long as they can wave their latest Apple gizmo and decry how everyone else is an ignorant cretin who doesn’t deserve to exist. What a bunch of pompous assholes.”

            Anytime you favor one product brand over another, you are in fact, voting on the futures of those brands, and your seemingly innocuous choice could indeed either enable the success of one over the other, and possible convict some to loss of livelihood. So, if choosing Apple branded products over DuckDos product means DuckDos employees are out of work…,sorry, that’s how free enterprise works. Maybe they shoulda taught you that in your hi-falutin universe.

      3. Buggy whips survived the advent of the car and even the airplane. They are even still being made today. Buggy whips are a simple device that can cause pain to a horse to communicate the driver’s intended direction from behind the horse at a distance. If some company comes up with a device that not only is an ethical nonviolent horse communication method and also a GPS routing gadget then no one should get passionate about it and think it is the only device anyone should use. Think of all the people that would be put out of work who make buggy whips.

        1. Deja Vu !!!

          I responded to this same post a couple years ago with the same post I will make below:

          The majority of buggy whip manufacturers are not making whips for people who own horses, iff’n you knows what I mean… (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

      4. It is NOT QUAINT to want a machine that takes many steps to perform simple time keeping. Just because it was invented nearly two centuries ago does not mean it is QUAINT TO OWN A MECHANICAL WATCH. Sure it only does one thing but it employs many people just like the coal mines back in the day. (Those children need jobs too. )

  5. Wow, what a great article, and what a bonus that it’s someone from the free and civilized world, so you know you can trust them.

    He’s absolutely right, standard watches and the watch overlap in one function (time telling) but more importantly in the physical location.

    It’s just a matter of time before someone starts a trend to do use both wrists.

    1. I check MDN every day for new Fred sayings, and I impart them to my children at bedtime. Such contemporary wisdom is rare and valuable, worth passing along to the next generation in the form of “just so” stories. Hopefully, they won’t suffer our sad infatuation with overpriced toys, instead following the path of responsible consumption exemplified by Microsoft and Google.

  6. This is a great article! Well written and the guy seems very genuine in both his experiences and his in depth descriptions. For me personally this is the first blog or review that actually adresses the findings of an owner of both high end luxury watches and the Apple Watch and I love to read it. I am really curious how the LVMH’s, Rolexes, Swatch Groups and Panerais of this world will react to this possible disruption.

    Instead of the aforementioned namesdropping I would love to read more ‘on topic’ replies from the MDN community…

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