Apple’s fitness guru strengthens the Apple Watch bull argument

“With only limited visibility into the Watch’s actual sales volumes, investors remain partially in the dark in assessing whether Apple Watch will ultimately prove as revolutionary as Apple — and its above messaging — would have you think,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “To get the message out about the impact Apple sees the Watch having on the fitness world, Apple’s fitness guru Jay Blahnik recently made himself available for an interview with Outside magazine. Blahnik has been a key contributor to the company’s long-term health and fitness efforts, and his commentary likely bodes well for future Apple Watch sales.”

We realized that we needed to have two apps… That led to Activity and Workout. The next step… is having native third-party apps and giving them access to the sensors… We’re not expecting the hardcore cyclists to use our Workout app instead of Strava. If you’re really motivated by that app, the last thing we want to do is to tell you to leave. — Apple’s fitness guru Jay Blahnik

“Blahnik’s commentary focuses on a single vertical: fitness. However, this example should prove emblematic of the way that increased third-party software integration can improve the Watch’s user experience across a number of core functions,” Tonner writes. “Looking at past Apple products, iPhone sales only truly exploded when Apple introduced the App Store… watchOS 2 and its likely wave of third-party apps will almost assuredly help increase the Watch’s consumer appeal — and by extension, its sales volumes… Combining our best estimates of past shipment data and the coming improvements to its ecosystem, it seems that Apple Watch sales could more likely accelerate as we head toward the holiday season.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon, early Apple Watch users will look back on watchOS 1.x as a beta-esque period. All Apple Watches sold to date are about to get supercharged with watchOS 2!


  1. Bull? I say bullshit! Without a streaming TV service to announce the watch isn’t going to help iPhone sales which will be good but not what Wall Street wants. Wall Street wants to see something that tells them that Apple is more than a one trick pony. Just the facts ma’am.

  2. AAPL falls until people are excited. Those who know Apple buy and sell on the emotion of he crowd, which perhaps lines up with sales and earnings, but not always.

    I hear teens saying their next phone will be a Galaxy because of the ads — “it going through the dishwasher, being run over and stuff.”

    Watch is still a nerd thing. TV is blocked. Music is no revelation as Apple has owned music for a decade. iPhone is moving to its 8th iteration. My folks still use iPad 2, because whatever it works just fine.

    So until there’s emotional momentum AAPL drifts. Sorry, but it’s so. I’m kind of afraid that a maintenance update in El Capitan and 9 won’t bode well, but we’ll see.

  3. “I I hear teens saying their next phone will be a Galaxy because of the ads”

    I hear teens vs…


    ” the announcement of its guidance for earnings in Q2 2015, the South Korean manufacturer is now at the page marked disappointment. The 4.2% drop in profit compared to Q2 2014 would represent the seventh consecutive fall in quarterly profits,
    “Not only were those sales weaker than Samsung’s own estimates, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus continued to perform strongly three quarters after Tim Cook’s handsets had been put on sale

    “Even after the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this year and its flat-screen counterpart the Galaxy S6, Samsung suffered a 38% drop in operating profit during the second quarter from a year earlier.”


  4. I treated myself to an Apple Watch last weekend without really knowing what I’d use it for. A week later and I love it, I’m already doing more exercise simply because I can see how many calories I’m burning (ie. not enough!) Notifications are also very useful; the number of times I pull my phone out of my pocket must have reduced by around a half. Whilst not a groundbreaking product, now I can’t imagine being without it.

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