Beleaguered HTC shares plummet after record quarterly loss

“Taiwan’s smartphone maker HTC saw its shares fall 10%, the daily trading limit, in the wake of poor earnings and a weak outlook,” BBC News reports.

“The sharp drop came one day after the struggling smartphone maker reported a record quarterly loss,” The Beeb reports. “For the three months to June, losses hit 8bn Taiwanese dollars (£163m; $253m) from Tw$2.26bn a year earlier.”

“A pioneer of early Android smartphones, HTC is struggling with competition from Apple, Samsung and Chinese rivals,” The Beeb reports. “Friday’s shares tumble saw the company stocks fall by 10%, which is the maximum allowed on one day. Shares fell to their lowest since February 2005.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For how much longer will HTC continue to dump money into fragmandroid’s bottomless pit?

Apple’s iPhone owns 92% of smartphone industry’s profits.

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        1. Even worse, a hacker could eject high velocity flaming toast, risking property damage and personal injury. If prematurely ejected whilst still frozen, a pop tart might even cause death

    1. HTC began as a contract manufacturer, then transitioned to making its own product.

      HTC has always been known for the quality of its products (save the OS). I can easily visualize HTC transitioning back to that of a contract manufacturer, helping Foxconn and Pegatron with volume growth by Apple products (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AppleTV, etc.).

      Annual unit procession of non Mac products: >300,000,000. 10% growth 30,000,000.

      As a contract manufacturer a 25% slice of that growth would make HTC VERY happy.

  1. The whole Android thing is the modern day replica of Windows – a stolen OS, buggy, leaky, one software supplier and multiple hardware makers in a race to the bottom. The PC proved popular because it was cheap and everybody had a ‘friend’ who could help them. In the end, the public understood and became discerning – security became important.
    The same is happening with Android, except Google fails to make any money with it because most search engines in Asia are local, others don’t buy anything anyway. In the four years that I have been coming to Sicily, only the visitors had iPhones in this poor country. This year, lots of iPhone 6, 6+, etc – I’d say about 50% – different to what the sponsored surveys say, as usual.
    Nobody wants to be in the PC hardware market anymore because it’s loss-making. The same with the phones. Who will be first to pull out – Sony, HTC, Samsung, who knows? One day there’ll be another quiet announcement from Google about a failed project – this time it will be Android.

    1. Except that now Windows is sinking to a new low of copying Google/Android on slurping consumer data from every single possible angle to get more income into Microsoft.

      Win10 EULA has so many holes left open to slurp data that it reads like Swiss cheese.

    2. In many cases Android is much worse than Windows ever was. Many exploits in Windows are fixed and then ported to users within a reasonable amount of time. Exploits in Android are sometimes fixed, but take months, if ever, to reach users because the manufacturers and/or carriers have to test to make sure the devices still function. Many Android manufacturers have to cut corners in order to stay in business. For example, many are failing to pay Qualcomm for licensing. It is unlikely that many manufacturers will spend the resources to test and roll-out the patches. This leaves many Android users susceptible to hacking, which could lead to identity theft, unauthorized bank withdrawals, embarrassing pictures posted on the Internet, etc.

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