OS X Yosemite vs. Windows 10

“There’s previous little in Windows 10 to get excited about,” Keir Thomas writes for Macworld UK. “Yosemite trumps it in almost every regard.”

“Ultimately, Windows 10 feels like an apology for Windows 8,” Thomas writes. “When the best you can say about a new operating system is that it isn’t as bad as its predecessor, there’s clearly something wrong.”

“In contrast, Yosemite demonstrates how an operating system should evolve,” Thomas writes. “Across just under 15 years OS X has constantly met its users needs with style and grace. Even compared to OS X Mountain Lion, released just two years ago, Yosemite feels like a completely different beast. As desktop operating systems go, it’s simply unrivaled.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tellingly, Windows 10 has an appallingly low bar to clear. We pity those who, either willingly via personal ignorance or by force from IT doofuses, try to use crappy Windows PCs.

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    1. Baby pressed on window glass: waaahhhhh
      He missed the launch party!
      W10 features set in stone — as in gravel or quicksand. Features released months from now depends how many features Apple will rollout in the same period.

  1. Just when suckers got used to the mixed up interface of desktop, tablet and stupid charms, inconsistent UI across apps and services. Microsoft tips itself by changing it all again to confuse even more users. Hahaha. Stupid! 😝

  2. Apparently, Microsoft is installing Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8 computers, without specifically asking the users. I supposed that’s one way to get adoption, by stealth. The Windows 7 customers (the largest Windows user segment) may complain. The Windows 8 customers probably won’t.

    1. Auto update to W10 is not going to make a lot of users happy, particularly when things break and, I assume, the typical user can’t ‘revert’ to before the update.

      1. Actually if things go horribly wrong you can revert back to your previous windows 7 or 8 within the first month very easily (After that time I think the restore point is deleted). Also it isn’t an auto update. You have to specifically accept the notification request and “reserve your copy”.

        1. Interesting because my partners pc continually and automatically updates the system whether she wants it or not stopping her from doing work even and worse still it then leaves the computer unusable. She was regularly going back to a previous state but even that didn’t work after a while and the inevitable trip to the IT guys was needed. If there was a way to stop it she never found out how and not being a geek why should she be forced to try to work it out even as her work practice was being mangled without any input from her. But hey maybe they have changed this now, but in practice I very much doubt it despite what the fanbois claim.

  3. This is playing out like one of those movie franchises—Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Wars…You keep going to see the sequels hoping they’ll improve upon the previous clunker, or at least reboot the original with better FX and better acting. But the movies remain cheesy. The thrill is gone. You hope the videogame is better.

      1. A really difficult videogame, one where you almost get to a certain level but then you are presented with the blue screen of death. You must reinstall the game on a regular basis, losing your progress and achievements each time. Resource management takes up much of your time, and attacks from malware come at you from all directions. Mysterious glitches in the Registry, possibly caused by cosmic rays, force you to dig and delve to restore function. Device drivers die a grisly death; you are off on a heroic quest for the hoped-for updates. You frequent dismal forums packed with refugees crying out for life-saving patches. You must decipher dialog boxes announcing gibberish. There is a bewildering stream of DLC (downloadable content) you are missing out on. But because the game and its delivery system are poorly designed, and the user experience problematic, you say the hell with it, shut it down, and hit the pubs.

  4. I’ve been waiting for an ios replacement. This shit has gotten out of hand. iPhoto, iTunes. No sharing blah blah blah. It’s like Putin bought apple already. Give my windows back and end this dictatorship already.

    1. You have it backwards. OS X is the real deal, iOS is the consumer grade spin-off, and it has many more issues than OS X. Arguably any recent problem that people complain about in OS X is precisely due to Apple dumbing it down and linking features through iCloud. Turn off all that crap and OS X could be rock solid again …. maybe.

      1. Very few people have to compute anything and those that do simply need to use the application they need todo that with.

        The numbers don’t lie. iPhone sales drive this ship and iPad sales damn near trump Mac sales. That tells me who the actual users are.

        The OS X team needs to get out of their little private world and and wholeheartedly join the ecosystem. Psssssst, there could be an option to include “Advanced Options” to satisfy the imaginary needs of MOST so called “power users”.

        The rest of us “dumbed down” users could just go on our merry way web surfing, emailing, messaging, banging out the occasional letter, and using specific apps to get through our miserable, pathetic, “dumbed down” lives.

        1. “The OS X team needs to get out of their little private world and and wholeheartedly join the ecosystem”

          Without us (OSX) , you don’t have an operating system, applications, or content. How’s that gonna work for ya?

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