Besides iPhone, “investors should also pay attention to sales of Macs and iPads,” Leo Sun writes for The Motley Fool. “For six consecutive quarters, Mac sales rose annually as iPad sales declined. Why are sales of these two product lines diverging, and what does it mean for Apple’s future?”

“Last quarter, Mac unit sales and revenue both rose 9% annually, accounting for 12% of Apple’s top line,” Sun writes. “What’s impressive about that growth is that it sidestepped a slowdown across the entire PC market. In early July, research firm IDC reported that worldwide PC shipments fell 11.8% annually during the second quarter… During Apple’s third quarter conference call, CEO Tim Cook noted that the new Macbook, which starts at $1,299, enjoyed a ‘very strong consumer reception’ during the quarter.”

“Last quarter, iPad unit sales fell 18% annually as revenue declined 23%, accounting for just 9% of Apple’s top line,” Sun writes. “Two things could happen to the iPad in the future. On one hand, it could be cannibalized by newer devices, just like the iPod. But on the other hand, users clinging to old iPads could finally upgrade their devices, and enterprise support might revive sales.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in April:

The iPad got off the a very fast start and they are very, very well made. They last a long time which is great news for users, but demands patience from investors, pundits, and Apple themselves. Bringing Force Touch to iOS and iPad, along with a larger “iPad Pro,” would go a long way to jolting the iPad, both in terms of new buyers and the upgrade cycle.

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