Beleaguered Microsoft’s Windows 9… er, ’10’ is more like Apple’s OS X than ever before

“You can blame Vista and the constant pounding of Ctrl+Alt+Del that came with it. Or you can blame those clever Mac vs. PC ads. But about eight years ago, after growing up with Windows computers and countless games of “Solitaire,” I bought my first Mac. And I never looked back,” Joanna Stern reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Until now.”

“The resurrection of the Start menu, after being killed in Windows 8, was practically celebrated with all-night dancing by Windows users, but the real party should be for Task View. The feature, which displays a shrunken snapshot of all your open windows and programs, has been the single most important feature in my transition back to Windows,” Stern reports. “That’s because the Mac has, for years, had a similar function called Exposé (now Mission Control) that I use constantly to jump between programs. Just like with OS X, you can access Task View on Windows by swiping three fingers up on a trackpad — if that laptop has a ‘precision trackpad’ like on the Surface Pro 3 or new Dell XPS 13, that is… Ironically, I found my MacBook Air to be the best Windows 10 laptop. It may not have a touchscreen, but it was snappier, and beat the Dell and Surface for normal scrolling and navigating. ”

MacDailyNews Take: Desperate, declining, impotent Microsoft seems to have fled back to following Steve Jobs’ sarcastic advice:


“Windows 10 lets you handle apps outstandingly well. The actual apps, however, aren’t so good. With the exception of OneNote, Microsoft’s note-taking app, almost all of Windows’ included apps lag behind Apple’s—and even Google’s—in features and design,” Stern reports. “This wouldn’t be such a bad situation if third-party apps picked up Microsoft’s slack, but that’s often not the case. While I was able to gather some of my essentials—Spotify, Wunderlist to-do app, Slack—either in the Windows Store or directly from software publishers, I never did find a Twitter app or cheap photo editor as good as what I use on my Mac.(You know what there isn’t a lack of? Windows anti-virus apps!)”

“There will always be things I can’t do with an iPhone and a Windows PC, like pick up an incoming call right on my laptop, or easily iMessage my entire family. The iPhone has become the beating heart of so many of our digital lives, and Apple, in what I call the ecosystem trap, has engineered all its own devices to work better with it. With Windows 10, Microsoft has put a lot of muscle into getting its phones to integrate better—the only problem is that no one uses Windows Phones and things only seem to be getting worse. For Android phone owners, however, there’s never been a better time to own a Windows PC.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, by all means, double down on inferior, upside-down and backwards, insecure knockoffs of Apple products.

“Microsoft is simply missing too many of the other pieces for me to go back to a PC full time,” Stern reports. “Still, I’m keeping Windows 10 on my Mac—even if it’s just for a round of ‘Solitaire’ every once in a while.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Joanna, in the Mac App Store right now, there are 373 Solitaire apps for the Mac.

So, there you have it, the most positive mainstream media review we can find for Windows 9… er, “10.”

More beleaguerment looms for beleaguered Microsoft.

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  1. Windows is also doing the “ten” thing. Supposedly, there will be no Windows 11, because Microsoft plans to incrementally upgrade Windows 10 indefinitely, with periodic (probably annual) releases. So, 10.1 next, followed by 10.2, etc. It wouldn’t be quite as pathetic, if Microsoft did not skip “nine” so that the version number they use for this just happens to be “X” (er, I mean “10”).

    1. MS discovered that a good deal of old 3rd party apps looked for “Windows 9” in the verinfo structure to detect Windows 95 or 98. Never mind the major ver number for those builds of windows were 4. a lot of devs didn’t bother checking the numbers and just did a string search.

    2. The explanation for why they went to Windows 10, is still pretty lame but I believe it. Some applications which deduce Windows versions could actually see Windows 9, as Windows 95/98. In theory, the name of Windows 9 causes a backwards compatibility issue. See? I told you it was lame. I think 9 is a good number anyway. Next year, they will be renaming Windows 10 to Windows X.

      The actual version of Windows 10, is Windows 6.4… Oh wait, they jumped that to 10 as well.. We all know it’s 6.4 thought.

    3. Wonder what they’ll name ’em? Apple started with cats. Microsoft should start with clowns. 10.1 Bozo, 10.2 Bubbles, 10.3 Clarabell, 10.4 That Scary One from IT …. etc.

  2. Personally I think Windows 10 will be very good for the industry. Why?

    Competition. Windows 10 is the first version of Windows that really is a viable competitor to OSX. Windows 10 is really going to force Apple to pay attention to the long neglected Mac market.

    Tim Cook will discover that the whole world does not want to use an iPad. I know many people who will not be buying a second iPad. Why?

    Notebooks have become thin, light and fast thanks to Solid State Drives (SSD).

    I have been told many times how much superior the MacBook Air is to their iPad.

    This means OSX and Windows 10 are becoming more relevant.

    1. When it comes time for replacement, or maybe sooner, I am replacing my iPad with the Macbook Air. I am a content creator, my apps are not produced for iOS, due to their complexity, it can’t be done and the touch interface is not practical when you have complex menus and inputs. All of my iOS needs those of content consumption, can be done on my iPhone. so…..I realize that most Apple users are now content consumers as opposed to creators, so fine for them I guess, but…
      Don’t get me wrong, I am not happy with the fact that many exotic operation and maintenance issues in OSX remind me of Windows (general user friendliness, but it is the still the only game in town for what I do.

      Remember, without content creators (OSX), iOS, including the iOS operating system itself does not exist.

    2. The problem with the iPad is it’s not good for writing. So the people who write reviews or code don’t understand it. The people who it’s great for are those who jobs need little text input and great portability. Believe it or not that is most of the workforce. So the one who could use it can’t write the code or articles that could make the iPad extremely useful. This is the entire tablet industry, however the iPad has the best chance of overcoming the problem.

  3. Once again, an incompetent, idiotic review from her. Her main claim to fame is being a Mac person who now loves Windows again- prior to this review she was billed as an Apple lover who fell in love with android. Sorry, Jim the Beard- I don’t like or respect this idiot. She may be your friend, but she’s a bimbo.

    1. Are you having a Windows X Release Home Party?
      I haven’t seen Microsoft’s ads suggesting these yet, but I bet Marg’s coleslaw, and Robert’s sandwiches with the crusts cut off are going to her great!

  4. Windows 9 could be the BEST version of M$ Windows ever released (because it never happen 😀 ) , however, back to reality, Windows 10 … meh… just the same BS as usual, nothing to see here, move along ~~

  5. I agree that this is competition. Apple, after they release El Capitain, better sharpen their pencils. They have a winner with The surface Pro 3 and now Windoze 9, I mean 10. I hope that Apple’s new iPad Pro will be a Surface Pro 3 killer. iOS 9 is at the point now that it can be used as both like the Surface Pro 3. Go get them Apple!!!

  6. it took Microsoft 8 years to make Windows 10 out of Vista, and while they finally figured out somethings, others are still a major pain.. It should never have taken this long, they mangled Windows 7 with the utter pain of Windows 8, fixed some of it with Windows 8.1,

    Of course the biggest pain of all, its still the most in-secure OS you could ever run, it maybe better, but why would any sane person but themselves through the constant upgrading of AV software (at extra cost most of the time) and the relentless patch cycle.. And then the concept of forced updates, sure, keep it secure, until a mangled patch mangles your PC.. Good luck with that…

    1. A guaranteed major pain: Figuring out what’s a ‘Setting’ and what’s a ‘Control Panel’. MS intended to dump control panels and go to all settings. It never happened. Now there are both, causing instant cognitive dissonance when trying to set up Windows 10. (O_o)

  7. The marketing name is arbitrary. Microsoft began using year numbers in marketing names because the public is more familiar with it. One might buy a 2015 Toyota, but never a Toyota 5.2.

    The kernel version number is more straightforward because it is important for Microsoft’s developers and to a lesser degree to administrators. For example, the operating system sold as Windows XP identified itself as NT 5.1.

    Similarly, OS 10.10 Yosemite has Darwin 14.

    1. So arbitrary decisions by marketing should determine the version number of a product.

      Are you feeling all right today?

      And no. Darwin ≠ OS X. Darwin used to be the name of the branch of BSD UNIX that is part of the core that runs inside OS X. Research your subject.

  8. Well Microsoft has some friends for as usual BBC 5Live had the Microsoft clone, or is it clown, marketing it on the radio this morning without any semblance of forthright questioning or even pushing him when he answered the question ‘what happened to 9′ with the lame ’10 just sounds better’. Yes it does especially when it is OSX.

  9. I’m gonna wait for the Windows 10 1/2 Super Deluxe Gold Limited Edition with bonus Window 10 3/4 Future Proof Deluxe Standard Edition with code for upgrading to Windows 10/11 Hybrid Platinum Superior Deluxe Limited Run Edition.

      I can point to two. Golly, it doesn’t hurt:

      1) Command-Tab to bring up a horizontal list of running applications then scroll through them to bring one to front.

      2) Fast User Switching up in the menu bar.

      Now YOU come up with a list of all the things Microsoft ripped off from Apple. It’s kind of long. Be sure to include the robbery of QuickTime code from one of Apple’s developers. It’s the specific reason why Microsoft ended up lending Apple $150 million for five years via AAPL stock purchases, guaranteeing Office for Mac for five years, agreeing to an IP sharing license, an unspecified payment to Apple for damages, Gates showing up live on a Big Brother screen at MacWorld, etc.

      Does that hurt?

  10. Um, you think the millions of Android users care? I mean seriously? Apple doesn’t need a 4 inch iPhone anymore. That’s what the watch is for. Come on people, if even blind people can like the 6+, yeah …

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. This is kind of awful. Turn this feature OFF!!!

    Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contacts

    Unless you opt out, Windows 10 will by default share your Wi-Fi network password with any contacts you may have listed in Outlook and Skype — and, with an opt-in, your Facebook friends.

    This brilliant new feature, which Microsoft has dubbed Wi-Fi Sense, doesn’t share your WiFi network password per se — it shares an encrypted version of that password. But it does allow anyone in your Skype or Outlook or Hotmail contacts lists to waltz onto your Wi-Fi network — should they ever wander within range of it or visit your home (or hop onto it secretly from hundreds of yards away with a good ‘ole cantenna!).

    I first read about this disaster waiting to happen over at The Register…

    UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends’ friends
    Tell a pal your password … and their FB mates can log in too

    A Windows 10 feature, Wi-Fi Sense, smells like a security risk: it can share access to private Wi-Fi networks with the user’s friends…

    1. The BARRAGE of Windows 10 bug complains has clearly started. Here’s a great one:

      Windows 10 in head-on crash with Nvidia drivers as world watches launch
      Unstoppable auto-updates? More like auto-borkage

      Microsoft’s automatic updates feature in Windows 10 has collided with Nvidia’s driver system, sending the new operating system off the rails as it launches.

      Early adopters are experiencing glitches (particularly in multi-monitor setups), and in some cases crashes, all triggered when Windows 10 automatically updates its graphics card drivers.

      The misfiring upgrade has sparked howls of protests from netizens on the Nvidia forums and elsewhere.

      Microsoft: Why Oh Why?! Will you EVER learn? Or is this a demonstration of your death wish? Not that I’d mind your death…

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