Woz: Scene in ‘Steve Jobs’ trailer is fiction; it never happened

“Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak said he doesn’t recognize himself in the new trailer for the coming biopic ‘Steve Jobs,’ but he doesn’t mind — it’s Hollywood,” Anousha Sakoui and Chris Palmeri report for Bloomberg.

“In the clip released Wednesday, Wozniak, who is played by Seth Rogen, confronts Jobs and accuses his partner of hogging the credit for their creations, and those of others. That never happened, he said,” Sakoui and Palmeri report. “‘I don’t talk that way,’ Wozniak said in an e-mailed response to questions. ‘I would never accuse the graphical interface of being stolen. I never made comments to the effect that I had credit (genius) taken from me.'”

Accuracy is second to entertainment in a movie like this. — Steve Wozniak

“His quibbles won’t stop Wozniak from seeing the movie. He said he liked the trailer and it presents a more or less accurate impression of Jobs, who died in 2011,” Sakoui and Palmeri report. “‘The lines I heard spoken were not things I would say but carried the right message, at least partly,’ he said. ‘I felt a lot of the real Jobs in the trailer, although a bit exaggerated.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sorkin has earned his creative license. We can’t wait to see it!


  1. As long as their aren’t any incendiary errors, the overall tone and impression is the most important thing. Any movie has to use creative license to condense large periods of time into a couple of hours on film.

    1. I am all for creative license, but I wish the film that is so different from reality would not called “Steve Jobs”. This is not about Jobs, and not about Wozniak — those people do not look and, more importantly, do not act the way actual Jobs and Wozniak did.

      It is a fantasy; but most people watching on subconscious level it will internalize the depiction as if it is true even if they understand it is not a documentary.

        1. Me too. Especially because it comes from a character like Steve Wozniak. If Bill Gates said it, then it would be no problem. Creative license has a boundary.

          I suspect this film will be highly entertaining and emotional, but rather loose with history. Laurene Jobs didn’t like the script — that makes me wonder about what Sorkin chose to emphasize.

  2. I was interested in the gilm before, but worried about the three product launch keynote format. This trailer makes me feel good about that approach and the directing. What I can’t get past is Fassbender as Jobs. He doesn’t look or sound like Jobs, nor has he captured any of the mannerisms we know so well. They couldn’t even be bothered to get the hair right in any of the eras we see in the trailer.

  3. That’s what I figured. I knew Woz would never talk to him like that. And the guy doesn’t even look like Jobs. They might as well have gotten The Rock for the role. I think I heard a rumor that Will Smith turned them down.

  4. Lies, or so-called “creative license” distort history. Adolf Hitler and I am sure those who ignore the injustices of the world would be well pleased.
    But then again it is about the creator of the “reality distortion field”.
    Let Steve Rest in Peace!

  5. There will never be a perfect movie about the legend. Yes, Pirates of Silicon Valley was entertaining, but it was just that, nice to see. What, in my opinion will work, is if a mini-series, of sorts, gets created. For instance, like many have been in HBO or Netflix. His story needs to be told in episodes, not a two-hour movie. He has so many life events that truly need to be told and acted out so carefully. I would not mind this approach at all. It is crying out for this in so many ways. I am just surprised nobody with the creative know-how has started such a project.

    1. Woz has earned the right to say whatever he wants. You don’t have to listen to him or read what he puts forth.

      Those of us here that have been using Apple products since the late 70s know the monumental things that Woz has done to make the personal computer industry a reality. It is not an exaggeration to say that without Woz the personal computer industry would be very different today and may have been delayed by 5-10 years from what it is now.

      Just one example about which most people don’t know is the SWIM chip. The Super Wozniak Integrated Machine designed by Woz himself. You do recall that Apple’s Macs could read floppies from not only Macs but Windows/DOS machines as well as other machines too, don’t you? You do recall that no other manufacturer had that capability natively, don’t you?

      That chip shipped in Macs that supported floppies for many, many years after Woz left Apple. Why? Because Woz’s design was so good and so elegant that it was not worth anyone’s time to try to make it better!

      Yes, there are many other, higher profile things that Woz did that everyone knows (Apple 1, Apple ][, funding the 1984 commercial, etc.), but Woz did a lot of incredible stuff for which few know, too. All of which had an incredible, positive impact on the personal computer industry.

      So inthe future, if you don’t want to read what Woz has to say just don’t read it. However, he has more than earned the right to say whatever he wants about Apple or the personal computer industry.

  6. I can’t imagine anyone who knew Jobs will like this movie, it’s really too bad people go in for this Hollywood crap. If people wouldn’t go to such movies, Hollywood wouldn’t make them. Steve Jobs’ real life was far more rich and interesting, what they really need is for Ken Burns to make a documentary of his life.

  7. Certainly the trailer gives the impression that:
    1) This is a drama, NOT an historical account.
    2) The research of facts regarding Steve Jobs and Apple is lazy to non-existent.

    Furthering the cause of nonsensical Apple and Jobs myths is a disservice to posterity, let alone the subjects of this MooVie. But let’s actually see the thing and go maniacal about it thereafter.

  8. This movie will generate a new batch of clueless iHaters. This new idiot breed will help continue the perpetual incorrect myths about Apple. Oh well. Our job to battle idiot iHaters never ends. 😀

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