Apple Music costs just $2 per month in India, 80% cheaper than the U.S.

“Apple tends to not care much about price competitiveness,” Josh Horwitz reports for Quartz. “Without telco subsidies, which typically occur only in rich countries, consumers looking to buy an iPhone 6 in Asia will have to shell out as much as $600.”

“But the company is taking a different approach with Apple Music, its new music streaming service,” Horwitz reports. “Whereas prices for iPhones tend to stay high even in poor countries, in the case of Apple Music they’re lower—indicating the company is serious about courting emerging markets with digital media.”

“In the US, Apple is charging monthly fees of $10 for an individual Apple Music account, and $15 for a family account that can be shared with up to six people,” Horwitz reports. “In poorer countries, the pricing is much lower. In India, for example, the monthly fee is $2 for individual and $3 for family plans. In Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand, it’s $5 and $7; in Hong Kong, $6 and $10; and in Singapore, $7.50 and $11 (in US dollars).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Go get ’em, Apple Music!


  1. How it feels for the boot to be on the other foot! Wealthy countries are used to paying more for Apple’s services than in the U.S. and now U.S. customers are paying more for the same service than other countries.

  2. For Apple, the primary goal of Apple Music is NOT to be a profit center. I’m sure Apple is charging the lowest prices that “big music” allows. The primary goal for Apple Music (like Apple Pay, App Store, iBooks Store, iTunes Store, Siri, etc.) is to enhance the user experience of Apple’s hardware customers, where Apple makes its “real” profit. These services are “value-added,” to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that they come back to buy MORE Apple hardware products.

  3. Poor country!!! For one streaming is already a crowded place in india with similar and cheaper offerenings, and all of them have a free streaming option which covers most of the popular music both local and international. Apple has a tough and long battle down here.

  4. This is probably more to do with licensing agreements in those countries. And if so, it would seem the US recording industry demands the highest amount of cash.

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