Google Play Music adds free ad-supported radio as Apple Music’s June 30th worldwide arrival looms

“Google Inc.’s music service will now include free Web-radio stations, seeking to lure users days before Apple Inc. debuts its streaming feature,” Brian Womack reports for Bloomberg.

“Google Play Music, a streaming and storage service, will roll out ad-supported radio, beginning in the U.S., said Zahavah Levine, vice president of partnerships, Google Play,” Womack reports. “The new feature will provide stations based on songs that users like — or from Google’s Songza, which curates songs based on factors such as moods, activities and favorite decades.”

“The Mountain View, California-based company is stepping up investments in music as it prepares for digital-song pioneer Apple to push its monthly song service to hundreds of millions of iTunes users on June 30,” Womack reports. “Already, Apple offers online radio – – and is rolling out a 24-hour station ‘dedicated entirely to music and music culture’ that will be broadcast to more than 100 countries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This warmed over iTunes Radio won’t move the needle for Google.

In less than a week, Apple’s iTunes Radio becomes Apple Music Radio (build your own stations or choose from a wide range of genres; members can skip as many tracks as they like) and adds the live 24-hour worldwide radio station featuring Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga.


  1. Who has even used google music? The fact that it is paid first thing makes it more turn-off prone. The fact that its a “play” service makes it more kind of “oh its just another google thing” for Android users, and Android users make it more “ah I’ll pay for it when I get the money and when I feel like giving up Pandora” and all that.

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    1. I use it, actually. The app anyways. The Google Play Music app does more than just let you stream and download music, it also plays music you’ve copied from your PC to your phone.

      If you’re using the paid service with it, you can even upload your personal music collection from your computer to their servers and stream it.

      Myself, I don’t really see the point of that though when I have a 64 GB card in my phone with more than enough space for all my music.

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