Facebook makes it free and easy to kill latest OS X and iOS zero-days

“The world’s biggest social network does a fair amount of altruistic work, some of it controversial, like Internet.org, some if it just straight-up nice,” Thomas Fox-Brewster reports for Forbes. “Falling firmly into the latter category is ‘osquery’, an open source framework for monitoring operating system security, which has just been updated to detect some serious vulnerabilities affecting Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X.”

“One of the more serious flaws could have been exploited to poison the Keychain in Macs that store passwords and other authenticating data in ‘items.’ It was possible to create malware, get it onto the Apple App Store and have it delete an item of a legitimate app and force it to dump its authenticating information into an attacker-controlled item. That could have given attackers access to all the private data in the good app,” Fox-Brewster reports. “Facebook’s osquery has been given a new tool that exposes what apps are doing on the Keychain to determine if they have malicious intent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Helpful open source tools like this from Facebook are always welcome!

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