Why Apple’s iMessage is unreliable: Apple is juggling too many balls in the cloud

“When I got up this morning, reports of widespread outages in Apple’s messaging service were still popping up in multiple languages on Twitter,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“As of this morning, Apple’s system status page showed 47 different cloud services, from App Store to Volume Purchase Program with things like Siri, Apple TV and Find My Friends in between,” P.E.D. reports. “Google’s status dashboard showed 20.”

“Apple’s is juggling a lot of balls in the cloud—more than twice as many as Google — yet iCloud is not their top priority,” P.E.D. reports. “No wonder they drop the ball from time to time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For how many years will Apple continue to accept mediocrity or does Apple have the absolutely best people in the world responsible for their cloud efforts already in place?
If the latter, this is obviously difficult, and perhaps this is the best we can expect, especially as Apple continues their buildout of massive data centers around the world. Supporting hundreds of millions of users with so many cloud services can’t be easy.


    1. I would say the same. Had few if any iMessage issues.

      Except…green messages to my wife this morning.

      I text all day long from my office to various vendors, contractors, etc. iMessage working fine for all others but my wife.

    2. Love iMessage but it is VERY squirrelly, mainly on my Mac. My iPhone works 99% of the time, the Mac often has trouble sending or receiving iMessages from non-iPhones.

      Also, sometimes, i send or receive an iMessage from another iPhone-and the number has always been an iPhone– and iMessage thinks it’s an Android phone. Or something. I.e. the message bubble switch from blue to green to blue IN THE SAME MESSAGE THREAD.

  1. I wonder if this article was written many days ago, and only published just today? Because I’m not seeing any outages at the iCloud Status page for the past three days. iMessage has worked brilliantly for me for the most part. The only time that I experience trouble is when sending messages to someone on a sub-standard mobile provider. And sometimes photos can take a while to send and receive internationally (ie. Philippines). Viber gives me far more grief than iMessage does.

    1. From time to time, I experience iMessage issues, the latest being last night. I sent several messages that “failed” to be delivered (according to the app). As it turns out, they were delivered multiple times. Not a huge deal, but the recipients wondered why I sent them the same texts repeatedly…

  2. I love Apple.

    But I have iMessage problems on and off quite often. Sometimes I get messages on my laptop. Sometimes I get non-icloud sms messages on my laptop. They get out of sync with my iPhone often.

    It’s frustrating.

    1. Same here – I’ve complained about iMessage here before, too.

      But mine has seem improved lately. I had a perfect example of what used to be a big problem now working as it should just a few days ago – Sent a message in blue (iM) which, when it realized it couldn’t go (I was on the road, no data signal), immediately turned green (SMS) and took off in a jiffy.

      That’s the way it should work!

      The downtime may have been working on this very solution. If so, that’s great news!

    2. I too have been getting something similar. My messages sometimes continues onto my laptop, sometimes, it does not. Often times, it continues after the fact. I don’t think it’s the lag in the network because what I wrote a few hours ago all of sudden continues onto the laptop. Similarly on messages that I receive from my kids….and, we are all on iPhones: 6+, 5, 5s, and 6.

    3. I had major synching issues between phone (6Plus) and computers until I restored the phone from scratch (major pain to do but worth it). Now all is good between devices etc.

  3. *Friends*-
    What are the chances that the Apple iCloud is being repeatedly attacked by all the companies that it is/has been disrupting? Even the US Gov would probably like to see Apple taken down a notch. And yet they continue to survive and thrive.

  4. I wonder how Blackberry’s Messenger (or whatever they call it) works compared to iMessage. That is the standard. If Apple wants to expand into enterprise they must be equal or better.

  5. Anyone who reads MDN knows that I bitch a fir amount about Apple’s more recent moves and products.

    I have never had a problem with iMessage or FaceTime. Cannot understand what anyone is complaining about.

  6. I occasionally have issues with iMessage. Those issues usually amount to having to suffer with green texts for a while. (The horror, the horror…)

    Which means that I have to suffer with the same thing non-iOS users must suffer with all day, every day. Which is still fine, but mostly just reminds me of how much I love iMessage…

  7. I have no problems with iMessage except for an occasional message “did not transmit, try again” and it then goes, which is probably more of a problem with the network than iMessage.

  8. Well for a long time I have had problems sending messages on occasions and thus having to fiddle with settings or change the user email or whatever. There is only one person in OZ I use it for regularly and thankfully it seems to be very stable so fingers crossed. I think a lot of the problem is that settings have become so much more complex in Apple devices as they try to offer/retain flexibility with added services.

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