1. I would say it’s horrid but that would mean other things that are horrid are equally bad and this exceeds that by a wide margin. To imagine this embroidered on jerseys caps and silk screened on well. …anything… would seem to be an offense against nature. Which may be the only offense the Clippers will generate for some time to come.

  2. Mercedes can not happy about Steve Ballmers new logo. As we type, they must be rounding up the legal beagles up to head off any further damaging associations to there already trouble CLA.

  3. Proof positive the Balmer’s brain doesn’t have one iota of esthetics encompassed in his overly large head, but then after the brown Zune, I should expect no more than that.

  4. Oh come on guys. It’s not the greatest logo in the world and he could have done much better. But the logo is tight like an icon and is easy to embroider – practical if not aesthetically pleasing.

    To be fair, the old Clippers logo wasn’t exactly spectacular either. The same goes for most of the NBA team logos, which are absolute dreck.

  5. Balmer buying the Clippers is the best thing that could have happened to basketball in Los Angeles. And by that, I mean for the Lakers.

    The recent years have seen a stunning reversal of fortune in LA, with the Clippers becoming the new powerhouse while the struggling Lakers can’t even make the playoffs.

    But fret not, Lakers fans! Inertia may carry the Clippers to one or two more successful seasons, but Balmer’s unique brand of aggressive incompetence will have your team back on top eventually. Just wait.


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