Québec airport becomes world’s first to use Apple Watch to help planes take-off

“Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport revealed that it will use Apple Watches, deployed to its staff to ensure smooth operations, in what is the world’s first use of the wearable for an airport workforce,” Marisa Garcia reports for Skift.

“In conjunction with SITA Lab’s research and development team, Québec has integrated the wearable device and SITA’s backend airport management products which are already in use at the airport in order to push regular operational alerts to duty managers’ wrists,” Garcia reports. “The SITA Lab team built the application for the airport and conducted all the systems integration work to link the Apple Watch to its other products.”

Garcia reports, “Jim Peters, Chief Technology Officer, SITA, said: ‘Using the Apple Watch at Quebec Airport harnesses all the power of SITA’s Airport Management solution to deliver information and updates to staff in a faster, more agile way.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Apple Watch is a useless toy. 😉

[Attribution: iMore. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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      1. It’s illegal to use a mobile device while driving. It must be hands-free. There was talk in the media about Apple Watch and driving when it was launched.
        However a Montreal (Pincourt specifically) man did get a ticket for using his Apple Watch while driving. The cop saw him tap his watch, he said he was changing a song or something. He got a $120 ticket.

  1. I was about to go buy one at the Apple Store tomorrow, but I’m saving the money and applying for a job in Canada instead. All companies should do this. One thing I do regret is being unique, now everyone will have Mac products.

  2. It has been my belief that it is the Enterprise, Medical, Legal and other industries that guarantee the overwhelming success of the Apple Watch, consumer sales will certainly share, but the lion’s share will be the industrial & medical applications for Apple Watch.

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