Apple Watch 2 to feature FaceTime camera, iPhone-free Wi-Fi, premium-priced $1000+ models, sources say

“Two months after the initial launch of the Apple Watch, and only a day following the device’s debut at Apple Stores, sources have revealed Apple’s intentions for the 2016 release of a second-generation model,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“According to multiple sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the Apple Watch 2 is set to gain a video camera, a new wireless system for greater iPhone independence, and new premium-priced models,” Gurman reports. “Interestingly, it will also feature similar battery life to its predecessor.”

“Apple is currently exploring a wider portfolio of Apple Watch models beyond today’s Sport, Steel, and Edition tiers. Interestingly, the company is said to be focusing on introducing new models that will sit between the highest-end stainless steel Apple Watch and the entry-level 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition,” Gurman reports. “The company is looking at ways to attract customers at price points between $1,000 and $10,000, but it is unclear if this will result in lower-priced gold Apple Watch variations, higher-priced steel models with more advanced bands, or versions with new materials. It is possible that Apple could introduce Apple Watch 2 variations made with titanium, tungsten, palladium, or as has been previously suggested, platinum.”

MacDailyNews Take: What, no Liquidmetal?

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MacDailyNews Take: Yum! We’ll be pre-ordering AW2 ASAP in 2016. Until then, we’re loving our original Apple Watches!


      1. Neither you nor I can predict the future, of course, but if past is prologue, Gazelle and similar companies will provide a resale channel for us early adopters.

        1. There are a lot of places that won’t allow cameras even if it can be shut off unless you go through a vetting process. Courts, factories, R&D labs come to mind. The Dick Tracy watch does sound cool. However I have watched a few videos on my watch and it quickly becomes uncomfortable. Video need to be shot as still as possible. Your wrist moves a lot, especially for small cameras with small CPU’s.

    1. Agree; this is impossible.

      iPhone-free Wi-Fi is also BS as it is already iPhone free.

      Even with iPhone turned off, or out of range or lost you could use iMessage, Siri, Apple Pay, et cetera via any known Wi-Fi network.

      The only issue now is that many networks have passwords and there is no convenient way to register new Wi-Fi networks via Apple Watch, so software does not support it.

  1. My iPhone gave LED flashes for notifications, which caused a real big problem with an Arabic guy in the YMCA locker room, accusing me to the staff of taking pictures of him. (Don’t think that I need or want a camera watch.)

  2. I don’t really need anything more from an Watch except useful apps: I don’t want games, doodling, or other long running apps. Give me more “glances”: check condition of home, where friends are, whether pets are currently destroying things at home, what’s running low in pantry or frig. I understand extra equipment is needed for a lot of that, but let’s bring it on. I’m ready for the future!

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