Samsung spokesman LeBron James gives Apple Watches to Cavaliers teammates

“Before the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Kyrie Irving for the season, before they were a couple of missed shots away from stealing Game 1, LeBron James prophesied to his teammates about the obstacles that would await them in the NBA Finals,” Chris Haynes reports for “After two games of this grueling, mind-blowing series with the Golden State Warriors, his teammates have now experienced exactly what James was preaching. Every aspect of his message has come to be.”

“When James concluded his address, he shifted the tone of the meeting to a looser, more casual setting. He arranged for food, music was blasting and he even brought in a barber for players to get haircuts,” Sidibe reports. “The team relaxed and talked about family, the news and just life in general. This was his way of easing any pre-Finals tension they might have had.”

“But before they went their separate ways that night of the meeting, James had another surprise. He gave them all brand new Apple watches,” Sidibe reports. “It was another way of displaying his appreciation for his guys.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

[Attribution: CNBC. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


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    1. You can imagine the look of intense disappointment on their “what the heck are you thinking?” faces if handed a useless Android watch. Also by implication must mean most or all of the players own an iPhone anyways so a matching Apple Watch made sense. These are guys with a lot of dough and so expect the best, not the cheapskate third best solution only losers could love.

      1. If any of them owned Android phones they probably had that look when handed the Apple Watch which is not that useful for them in comparison to any Android Watch.. A fitness band would have been more useful all around if he Lebron didn’t know what phones the others were using.

        1. Here’s an update:
          UPDATE: A rep for LeBron James says Beats, who he has been with since its inception and was later acquired by Apple, provided the watches as a gift to the Cavaliers. James, we’re being told, personally handed out Samsung Galaxy Edge phones at the meeting.

          It appears James is actually quite the Samsung toady. The look of disappointment when he was passing those out must have been devastating. To say nothing of the matched opportunity of handing out an Apple Watch with a real deal iPhone – STEWPEED!!!

          1. I’m sure James would have happily passed out iPhones if they were also gifted to the Caveliers. The question is who paid for the Samsung Edges? If they were also gifted, the mismatch must have been priceless. 😀

            1. Yeah I thought it wasn’t a good sign of communication on the team to gift two different platform devices like that. Im sure most of the team either will sell their new Android phones or give them away to get an iPhone (if they don’t already have them) to work with their new Apple Watches. That certainly seems like what the rest of the world is doing.

            2. I think whether they sell off the Apple Watch (more money) or the Edge is partly dependent on how much they already have invested in the Android eco-system. Saying that it is a heck of a lot easier to move the majority of your data/media from Google to Apple than vice versa owing to the tools Google provides and lack thereof in the iOS camp.

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