Apple’s revolutionary Apple Music just might prove its skeptics wrong

“There have been plenty of naysayers willing to condemn Apple’s new Apple Music service before it was even launched, but they might just have to take back their words if today’s presentation outlining the service was any indication,” Bobby Owsinski reports for Forbes. “It was readily apparent that were a number of features shown that differentiate Apple Music from the competition, any one of which could make a big enough difference to help it dominate the industry in no time.”

“First and most important is its ease of use,” Owsinski reports. “Another interesting feature that very well may prove to be the ‘killer app’ is the Beats 1 global radio program that broadcasts live 24/7 from Los Angeles, New York and London. The show’s music will reportedly not be based on the genre or market research that rules the majority of radio today, but instead rely on the DJ’s taste, a throwback to the heyday of the 70s when FM radio was absolutely king.”

“Yet another feature that’s easy to overlook but may ultimately prove critical to its success is Apple Music’s integration with Siri voice recognition. Finally, the Connect social feature allows artists to upload photos, lyrics and videos and integrate directly with Facebook and Twitter,” Owsinski reports. “Reports are that Apple’s goal is to reach 100 million subscribers within a year. Thanks to its many attractive features, that number may be surprisingly well within reach.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dead on target. Apple Music is a revolutionary service that offers the music fan virtually everything they could want in a single, easy-to-navigate app for a rather amazing price. The “family” price of $14.99 (up to six people, each with their own account, a $59.94/month value) is extremely attractive. Wow!

Apple Music is going to be a big hit.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN poll for a 10 dollar a month survey for unlimited on-demand music shows people are not willing to pay that… so why is 15 bucks a month going to prove us wrong? Be right or wrong – I am one who isn’t interested.

    Where is the new Apple TV?

    1. It’s $9.99 for individuals and $14.99 for the family, up to 6 users.

      This is in contrast to Spotify, $9.99/mo individual, and $14.99 for two, $19.99 for three, $24.99 for 4, and so on.

      So if you want a bargain, which Apple is hoping you will want, then you go with the Family plan.

      Anyone complaining about $9.99/mo unlimited streaming music, is delirious, considering Spotify gives fractions of a fraction of a cent, to the artists. It is suspected Apple will pay more. So the fee is really a token amount, from that context.

      I also think, they might roll in Music Match and ad free Radio. At least I hope that’s what will happen.

    2. Agreed. Not sure I thought this deserved the one more thing, it didn’t change shit about how I buy music or even how I listen to music. I HATE radio, and probably won’t even use the trial.

      1. That’s fair if you don’t think it will change anything about how you consume music, but it does deserve a “One More Thing” because it will change the way millions of other people consume music. It’s not just streaming songs, and it’s not just radio. It’s all of your songs in your current personal library (even rare CD rips and bootlegs) added to iCloud (so it’s available anytime/anywhere), it’s the entire iTunes Store library included (that’s a lot of music), it’s radio, it’s smart search to sift through all of those songs, it’s music recommendations to discover new music. It’s “all of the above” concerning music… In other words, all of your current music and much, much, much more. For a lot of people, it’s going to be a big deal.

        Personally, I’ll take a service that does it all and allows me to ignore the aspects that I”m not interested in, rather than a service that has limits or is clunky to use (cough-spotify-cough). Apple Music seems to deliver on that front. Hopefully it does work as well as it was presented today.

  2. I’m in for ninety days. But if any of the DJs even comes close to what I listened to on FM radio back in the 60s than I’ll gladly eat my hat and pay up. However, realize that I _was_ alive in the 60s, and I _was_ listening, and, I highly doubt there’ll even be the wispiest glimmer of that miracle in any of the Beats1 offerings. But, we’ll see.

    1. You might be surprised.

      This is a new frontier and if Apple makes good on its vision, the potential is there to give your demographic a brand new experience…

      Just the ability to have the album or artist’s artwork and behind the scenes perspective will be the ‘new old school’ album art, live perspective. A full Multimedia experience that will work so cool on an iPad especially in split screen multitask…Apple can really recreate the music scene and customizing it could be killer!

    1. Write an app that dupes your Spotify playlists. Someone will. It’s not like you have to physically copy and transfer files. It’s just a list of data.

    1. They did say separate accounts. So I am building on that to mean, separate everything, as music is a personal experience.

      Don’t ask don’t tell, is probably the current idea.

    1. Love iTunes Match. But did they mention what will happen with those that do subscribe to iTunes Match when iTunes Music is launched? Are we included in the Music service and Radio commercial free? (And to be quite honest, I haven’t had a chance to watch the keynote yet.)

      1. I don’t think they’ve said. iTunes Match was never well-considered by Apple. For example, they had no family plan pricing for it. Every member of your family had to A) Pay the full price. B) Sync up their iTunes Library. So if you had six family members, you’d pay for each one and you’d have to sync your library up SIX TIMES. Huge waste of time and effort.

        I imagine they gave the same consideration to Match here. It does have a different purpose. It is just so you can listen to music you’ve purchased or ripped either streamed to your device or downloaded. So you can take Match music offline.

        We’ll have to see what restrictions Apple Music has to determine if we can drop Match.

  3. I don’t see what’s so revolutionary about this. It’s streaming music. The family plan seems interesting, but I’m not sure how Beats 1 is going to compete with every BBC station available in the UK, plus all the commercial stations we have. That said in the US it may well take off since radio seems to be awful. The rest just seems to be a redesign of what we have already plus another attempt at making Ping work. If it’s going to suggest me Foo Fighters because I like Bruce Springsteen then I’m definitely not interested.

      1. I listen to an hour of my pre-existing music on the way to work, an hour on the way home and I struggle to keep up with all the podcasts and other content I want to consume. There’s just not enough time in the day to justify spending more on streaming music.

      1. Let’s put it into fancier terms shall we? Being that business strategy is, in fact, my metier. I’m going to run down Tim Cook’s greatest hits and please tell me how anyone is supposed to trust Apple anymore. Hiring John Browett, the whole Maps/Scott Forestall fiasco, the disastrous roll out of iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.1, shameful roll out of thin edged iMacs, Mac Pros and Apple Watch (which has a slew of problems of its own from slow adoption to slow performance to poor battery life to almost zero water resistance its heavy as sh!t among many others characteristics), the whole thing with U2, failing to evolve retail, etc.. Apple introducing a 24 hour radio station, Ping 2.0 and music streaming for $120 a year… in 2015… it’s downright laughable. That was worth $3 Billion? You think that’s worth $3 Billion and a video of drunk rappers dancing on the web because they ‘stuck it to the man’? You myopic scum… Going back to Apple Watch… Apple won’t even report its sales! Because the competition might do something with that information. Yeah… I’ve heard that one before… From Amazon! The only reason Apple’s stock is where it is it’s because Steve’s products are still selling and because too many powerful people and companies have their money tied up in the stock… and we all know how Wall Street is the very definition of morally bankrupt but an abundance of riches in corruption and fraud. Face it fanboy… The jig is up.

        1. Oh, so you’re just a garden variety Apple hating troll. Yawn.

          I could write a script to randomly generate Apple-hate speak and it would be more readable than your gibberish.

        2. it didn’t read like gibberish, it’s angry but it’s fact, i understood everything he (or she i’ve been burned before!) was saying. some points i hadn’t really thought of. will be selling some of my AAPL stock today.

      1. But this explains Apple’s great success. That is, their executives surreptitiously mine this very website for penetrating insights contributed by shrewd amateurs skilled in strategy, design, and finance. It also explains their failures, when Apple appropriates ideas from the wrong people on this website. Admittedly, it is tricky to distinguish knowledgeable MDN commenters from opinionated prigs; but that’s why they earn the big bucks.

  4. What did we learn today?
    Apple copied MS & Samsung for split screen.
    Apple copied Balmer on Played For Sure Rental Music.
    Apple copied Virgin Radio for a gaudy, CHR streaming station.
    Apple copied Flipboard for news.

    But is all very revolutionary in the mind of Phil Schiller.

    1. Glad you mentioned Flipboard. That’s basically been my home screen on both iPad and iPhone since its day one. I’m not pleased to see that Apple did News without any tip o’ the hat.

    2. so they copied… B.F.D.

      have you not grasped the pattern ? apple innovates with superb design, revolutionary technology and great software… which everyone else then attempts to copy.

      meanwhile apple watches what is going on around them, and proceeds to improve and do it much better than anyone else by virtue of the foregoing attributes listed above.

      so, maybe chill. it all gets better in the end – when you buy apple products

  5. I am somewhat excited, despite the huge disappointment that the service has no option to show the lyrics as the song plays. I only fully love and appreciate the music I can sing along with… I sure hope they bring that feature in the near future. The $14.99 plan is a great bargain though!

  6. Don’t quite understand the DJs choosing the “best” music out there. Does that mean they will play jazz or classical or film score music?

    $15 a month for six people is cool though.

  7. I think the success of this will be largely generational…I would thought this was awesome growing up. Currently I am content to listen to the music collection I own, and discover new music through friends, concerts and pandora. I tried iTunes match for convenience and hated the difficulty of getting music on my phone. It erased the stuff I had on the phone and I was forced to redownload from cloud individually. I quit after a year. It will be interesting to see how Apple Music deals with owned music. I’ll check out the 3 month trial for sure.

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