Apple’s indomitable iPhone 6/Plus sales unfazed by Samsung’s anemic Galaxy S6/Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phone “launch hasn’t exactly made rival Apple see stars,” Dan Gallagher reports for The Wall Street Journal. “About six million Galaxy S6 phones – including the Edge version with a curved glass display – were sold through to customers in their first 20 days following their launch on April 10, according to an estimate from Counterpoint Research published on Tuesday.”

“Wall Street’s estimate for total iPhone sales in the current quarter ending this month is 46 million units, or a little more than 15 million per month,” Gallagher reports. “In other words, iPhone shipments in April are expected to exceed those for the Galaxy S6 by about 50% – and that is six months after the launch of Apple’s device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Despite the slavish copiers going back to hit their “Copy Apple” playbook hard, beleaguered Samsung continues to squirm and struggle like the worms they are.

It’s best not to mess with karma. — Steve Jobs

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  1. There was an interesting report from Counterpoint which was published today.

    While they tried to put a positive spin on Samsung’s performance, they did state that Samsung shipped 6 million units ( which I take to be S6 models, but it didn’t explicitly say so ). However it went on to say that only 60% of them were actually sold to customers, with 40% staying in the distribution channels.

    If this is typical for Samsung, only selling 60% of the shipped products for a new phone sounds like a big problem and makes me very wary of all those occasions when they quote shipped number in comparison to Apple’s numbers of items sold.

    Interestingly, the article also stated that Samsung’s smartphone sales were mainly at the expense of lesser Samsung models and that they are failing to convert iPhone customers.

  2. Yet, there are still these analysts coming out saying how anemic iPhone sales will be next year as the competition steals the iPhone’s thunder away because it’s always believed consumers love to buy cheaper smartphones and the claim is how Android smartphones are just as good as iPhones.

    Apple is going to be opening a lot of new retail stores next year and I’m sure there is a definite reason for this.

    I don’t think any company is going to be able to reasonably compete against the iPhone. There’s almost nothing Apple can’t do in terms of having the best hardware available. The iOS ecosystem is reliable and quickly upgradeable. Apple customer service is tops. I feel certain iPhone sales will continue especially if Apple gets some good services to go along with the hardware.

  3. ScamScum Recaptures Marketshare

    ScamScum CEO: We have to increase our marketshare, and our shipments of phone, but no one is buying them. it cost money to make phones that no one buys, what can we do?

    ScamScum Marketing VP: I say we fill phone boxes with rocks. No manufacturing cost with rocks. Ship boxes to warehouses, since no one buys our phones, no one will notice. All the stupid pundits equate units shipped with units sold. We increase our shipments until we recapture Marketshare.

    ScamScum CEO. Brilliant! Do it!

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    Karma is not somebody getting what they deserve, when bad things happen to you or someone you love you don’t call it karma do you?
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    There is no such thing as ‘karma’.

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