Android finally inches past Apple’s iOS in mobile ad revenue

“Android, Google’s mobile operating system, has finally topped Apple’s iOS in mobile ad revenue, according to a report released Tuesday by Opera MediaWorks,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Stats from the report covering the first quarter of 2015 show Android with a share of 45.77 percent of all revenue generated by advertisements across mobile devices throughout the world,” Whitney reports. “That number gave Android a narrow lead over iOS, which scored a worldwide share of mobile ad revenue of 45.44 percent. Also, since April 2014, Android has been outgunning iOS in mobile ad traffic. Android’s current share of traffic is 65.17 percent, according to Opera MediaWorks, while iOS’ share is just 22.34 percent.”

“The report found that iOS is still tops in monetization. That means iOS devices have a higher ratio of revenue to ad impressions, or the number of times an ad is viewed,” Whitney reports. “For example, the iPad generates the highest revenue per impression of any device measured by Opera MediaWorks. Monetization levels are higher for iOS because the iPhone and iPad have larger market shares in regions such as the US and Western Europe, where ad rates are higher.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Took ’em long enough!

“Android” outnumbers iOS 4-to-1, but, tellingly, they’re basically tied in ad revenue.

Top Smartphone OS by Installed Base end of 2014:
• Android: 1.6 billion
• iOS: 395 million
Source: TomiAhonen Phone Book 2014

Google built a platform that depends heavily on advertising support, but sold it to the very type of customer who’s the least likely to patronize ads.MacDailyNews, November 26, 2012

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  1. We have to consider that the whole point of Android is to give Google ad-based revenue. The whole point of iOS is to sell Apple’s hardware devices; generating ad-based revenue is “incidental.” This is a statistic that Apple is happy NOT to be in first place anymore. 🙂 (It means Google must be “spamming” Android users more, to monetize “free” Android.)

  2. This is the day after it was discovered that many of the most popular Android Apps were hitting URLs like crazy even if they have no purpose to do so. . . some as many as 2,000 a minute! What are they doing contacting these URLs? creating ad impressions, what else! Even such innocuous apps such as a music equalizer that was contacting thousands of websites in the background whenever it was being used while music was being played. . . which was anytime the user played music. THOUSANDS! An equalizer has no need of contacting any other website while operating. It was estimated that ONE out of every TEN Android Apps contacted extraneous, unneeded URLs during operation without the permission or knowledge of the user. And these apps are making up to 250,000 needless website connections.

    The Truth About (Android) Smartphone Apps That Secretly Connect to User Tracking and Ad Sites

    Add in the ONE in FIVE Android Apps that carry Malware that also connect to extraneous URLs as part of their malware as ads and search hijackers:

    Report: 1 in 5 Android Apps Is Malware.

    It is no wonder that Android has finally caught up to iOS in advertising impression hits. . . the free Android App makers have figured out a way to monetize their free apps with hits from Advertisers even if no eyes ever see those ads! Absolutely hilarious!

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