Tim Cook leaves behind Silicon Valley for Hollywood and beyond

“While the geekerati made a big play of the reviews of the Apple Watch once Cupertino’s embargo lifted, the tightly knit circle of influencers in the Bay Area might be sporting a number of review units and developer samples, the real action for Apple’s product placement team is not on the VC-powered wrists of San Francisco, but on the mainstream cultural touchstones of media and megastardom in Hollywood, the Music Industry, and the world’s Fashion Houses,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes.

“While this isn’t uncharted territory for Apple – the first iPad made an early public debut in a Stephen Colbert skit at the Grammys – the push be seen on the wrists of the powerful and the popular (as opposed to the online young and the restless start-ups) highlights once more the vision of the Apple Watch that Tim Cook is pushing,” Spence writes. “The Apple Watch is fashion… it is status… it is being part of the ‘in-crowd’… it is something far more than a smartwatch that lets you see your notifications.”

“The true product from Cupertino is not the wearable… it’s the influence, the mystery, the magic, and the status. And success will be measured in the world’s perception of Apple. Will it be mentioned in the same breath as Cartier, Ferrari, Tiffany, Rolex, Gucci, and the like?” Spence writes. “The Apple Watch is transformative – it is Tim Cook’s polyjuice potion. It will turn Cupertino from a technology company into a world-defining force of nature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whether they’re mentioned in the same breath with those companies or not, Apple has been a world-defining force of nature for nearly four decades now.


  1. People who today deny that wearable computers will be a big deal and think the Apple Watch will be a niche product or a flop are going to seem really quaint and foolish in 2020. When all is said and done, the revolution brought about by people strapping computers to their bodies will be seen as bigger and more transformative to society than putting a computer in every pocket or on every desk was. Anybody who can’t see something so blindingly obvious has no business writing about technology or covering technology stocks.

  2. I hope apple does not focus on fashion to the detriment of quality. I’d far rather use products that just work rather than telling others that Hollywood uses this product.

    1. “I hope apple does not focus on fashion to the detriment of quality.”

      Why did you even let your brain spend a nanosecond on that thought?

      Let’s see:
      I hope Cadbury’s doesn’t change the formula of Dairy Milk.
      I hope Tesla doesn’t start using lower-quality batteries.
      I hope my favorite rock ground doesn’t start producing songs that sound like Miley Cyrus.

  3. Unstated is WHY Apple is doing this. Most likely because computing is just too geeky for the people that Tim wants acceptance from. Now a watch, that’s fashion, and that’s something they can relate to. Soon, he will be just like them, so elegantly attired and fashionable and hip, all thinking the same things and living in their own little Hollyweird bubble. The sad thing is that their acceptance is fleeting, just as is popularity, and anything else people can give you. However, understanding that is beyond the grasp of the endlessly immature Cook. (Tell us again how you support making people you don’t like violate their faith or be sued into penury, Timmy, you bigot.)

    Meanwhile, in the real world, we still want a mid-tower.

    1. If your “faith” requires that you deny people who don’t share your faith their due equal rights, you’re the bigot, not Tim. Fifty years ago, the “religious freedom” argument was used to justify Whites Only signs and laws that denied interracial couples the right to marry.

      The bigots are still at it today, they’ve just chosen a new group to try to marginalize.

    2. Although I DO want a mid tower I have to say…

      fashion has been around since the cave dude decided to put some shells around his neck
      it’s one of the oldest most profitable business in the world. Today it’s a trillion dollar industry.

      Although it’s mostly old tech (unchanged for centuries) there are already clothing that can change colour, have electronics, glow in the dark with lights etc except most are not ‘intelligent’ (no serious computing power) . Whole big field out there for Apple.

      If humanity survives it’s going towards a bio-mechanical future, cybernetic humans with intelligent clothing that will make us stronger and smarter, to run robots, drones..
      (the watch and perhaps the car is first baby step Apple is taking towards that future). It’s not crazy, even today without a ‘smart watch’ in the many of the highest paid fields (like sales or management ) you can’t compete anymore.

  4. on MDN take..

    More than half of it cribbing that Microsoft sucks. I wonder how much awesomeness they would have created if they had just kept their mouths shut.. Sorry could not resist 😉

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