Benchmarks prove Apple’s new 12-inch Macbook can play modern games

“To evaluate the New Macbook’s gaming performance, we need a reference point, and lucky me, I have the perfect reference point right here on my desk: a 13-inch MacBook Air,” Ric Molina reports for Mac Gamer HQ. “You know what this MacBook Air is capable of, you’ve seen it handle graphically intensive games such as DiRT 3 or Beyond Earth. Yet, everyone assumes that it will melt away trying to play a demanding game. But time and time again, it proves them wrong.”

“We took the new 12-inch Retina MacBook and my 13-inch MacBook Air and ran the in-game benchmarks of Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham City and Grid 2,” Molina reports. “All three great looking and demanding games, running on high settings for the first two and medium for the last.”

“All in all, gaming performance is similar on both machines, which makes sense as my MacBook Air’s Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics and the New Macbook’s Intel HD 5300 are very similar,” Molina reports. “So, if results show that both machines perform similarly, can we conclude that the New MacBook can play modern games? Yes, we can.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The 12-inch MacBook isn;t really designed as a gaming machine, but it’s nice to know that it can pull it off when desired (like on a long plane flight, for example).

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      1. Fandroid trolls must be scattering to the passing winds looking for Apple sites to disrupt like lost alien souls in those science fiction cults you hear about. I hope they get unceremoniously dropped into a volcano.

    1. I don’t understand how the owner can “miss the glowing Apple” when it’s not even visible while using the MacBook, and when it IS visible (to the user), the screen is closed and the Apple is not glowing. 🙂

      It’s more of an advertisement for Apple. Like when you see that picture of a Microsoft press conference with dozens of glowing Apple logos. You can buy that kind of exposure. Free and very effective… 🙂

      A long time ago, before the Titanium PowerBook, the Apple logo did not glow and it was upside-down with the screen open. Apple did not care… But when the USER closed the screen, it was correctly oriented from the user’s perspective. I think that says something about intent. Before, how the user saw the logo was more important. Later, how the rest of the world saw it was more important.

      1. An upside-down logo is just wrong, so I’m glad they fixed that. The glowing logo was brilliant, and I hope it doesn’t go away forever. I’m very surprised it didn’t become more mainstream with competitors. Maybe that’s why Apple is changing course… to stir things up… because the uniqueness is fading with competitors emulating them more and more.

      2. Ah, but sometimes I would just turn the computer around to look at it. Sure it was marketing, but it was beautiful marketing. I don’t have to worry about it for a few years yet. All my laptops have the glowing Apple. 

    1. They “look” very different. The new MacBook is unbelievably thin and light. It makes MacBook Air look a bit “dated.”

      In terms of features, the main differences are the screen (“Retina” for the new MacBook) and physical connectivity (only one connection point on new MacBook). And the starting price for MacBook Air is currently significantly lower.

    2. I checked it out at the Apple store this week and was impressed. So thin and light, yet the screen packs so many pixels that it doesn’t feel small. I was also surprised at how snappy it felt. Played with Final Cut Pro a bit, and damn, it runs pretty smoothly on that mobile processor. Very surprising. And the force touch track pad is an engineering marvel. I am holding out for the next gen MB Pro 15″, but if I was in school or just needed a general business machine, the new MacBook would suit fine.

  1. There are games in the Mac app store that will not run on my Mac Pro- Feral should be ashamed of itself for being lazy. The problem is not the Nvidia graphics card if shitty Intel Vampire Video can do it.

  2. So how does it stack against my 15″ rMBP? Yeah the MPB that has nvidia GT 750M, and can’t seem to climb above 17 FPS… Either the drivers aren’t good, or the the games are just terrible.

    1. Check your resolution. That rMBP should blow both the new Macbook and Macbook Air out of the water easily. Make sure you’re running the games at 1280×800 too, they should run smooooooothly….

      1. I did lower my resolution, and it helped. But not dramatically and I have to turn off any features. So things look flat and dull. Basically what I have is not much better than. Intel HD 5000. I thought maybe I was running the low power video card. But it doesn’t let you choose anymore.

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