Why your boss can’t wait for the Apple Watch

“If you thought your smartphone had you tethered to your job, just wait until you’re wearing an Apple Watch,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC. “Just like how the smartphone brought employees ever closer to their employer, the Apple Watch will continue to drive the trend of never disconnecting from work. ‘There is this shift that instead of work being this place that you go from 8 to 5, it becomes part of a lifestyle. A lot of places are embracing that ‘never off’ lifestyle, and I think that is a great fit for the Apple Watch,’ said Dan Ward, co-founder of the mobile app development firm Detroit Labs. ‘Now you are becoming more and more connected with your employee.'”

“But perhaps, that isn’t such a bad thing. After all, if the Apple Watch can make doing your job easier, then it’s a good deal, Ward said,” Thompson reports. “In fact, the majority of the most active mobile users who plan on buying a wearable device also want to use it for work, according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the security firm MobileIron.”

“About 68 percent of executives call wearables a ‘priority’ for their company, according to Forrester Research. And according to a recent survey by Salesforce, 79 percent of wearable adopters say that wearables are or will be strategic to their company’s success,” Thompson reports. “‘Wearables are not a fad, it is here to stay and this enormous growth in the space is going to be in large part driven by the enterprise,’ said Irvine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Starting tomorrow, Apple changes the world yet again!


  1. What a sad state of affairs when work is considered an always on lifestyle.

    I never answer emails after work hours, shit I won’t even add my corporate email to my phone.

    Life is more than just work to me.

    1. My job is enjoyable and it is a part of my lifestyle. My family is also part of my lifestyle. Both my family and my employer are very aware of their existence and importance. Apple has allowed me better control and access to them all.

    2. Many women take their career very seriously as ‘home-makers’ and there is no line between ‘work’ and ‘lifestyle’. I would guess that you are a man who does not recognize that bringing forth the next generation is the most important job in the world. Your measly insignificant daily labour is nothing in comparison. Take an active part in life and QUIT COMPLAINING!

      1. I have a family and that is exactly why I don’t waste my time answering email after work.
        My guess is you are a tool who makes a lot of dumb ass assumptions in your life.

      2. So? I would guess that you have idolized an important job and therefore don’t respect what other people do for a living. Yup, I’m right. How do you know he doesn’t take an active part in life? LOL.
        You have above-average skills in projection.

        Let me say this: you don’t have any idea what he does. Neither do I. But let me suggest something for you — be kind. Be tolerant. Be loving. Are you raising the next generation to be judgmental, hateful, pscyho people like yourself? I would hope not, but that’s how you come across.

        Here’s something you never considered — a lot of work is stressful and workers come home tired out. This happens even in desk jobs. They call it work because people wouldn’t do it for free, capish?

    3. Sounds like you need a job you love and need a little more love yourself. Treat your family and your coworkers with respect and you will change everything.

    4. I check my email from time to time on my phone in the evening, but I rarely reply. I’m mostly looking to see if there’s anything urgent coming in from a supplier.

      I work quite a few overseas companies, so I’d say once a week I’ll be writing an email at night on the couch only because the person on the receiving end just arrived at work. If I didn’t reply the project would possibly be at a standstill that whole day in whatever country they’re in.

      I use “Mark as Unread” constantly, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t understand that concept. It actually helps me stay on point to a high degree. If I decide to open an email and can’t answer an email completely I don’t send it half-assed. It’s best to wait until I’m either back in the office and/or able to reply in full. Marking it as unread serves as a very powerful reminder next time I check my email, as opposed to leaving it and possibly passing it up next time I check.

  2. Yeah, not my thing. If I had were getting stock in the company, maybe, but I don’t. So if I’m not being paid (including overtime for those after-hours emails and calls), I’m not available. Especially not when I’m on vacation!

    Some people work straight commission though, or have some kind of ownership share or bonus (or maybe a shot at becoming a partner in a firm) so for them it’s worth it.

  3. A lot of people in the tech press live in a little bitty bubble, and so it’s hilarious to read what they think is a good idea. You see guys, not everyone’s job aligns with their passions, but they’re good enough at their job to get paid well. Those people want a separation between job and home so that they can focus on more important things.

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